Better Together Animal Alliance Policies Agreement

We are excited for to start the process of becoming a volunteer! Below is our policy agreement that we would like you to review. Once completed you will follow the instructions to make an account and complete our application. If you have questions my contact information is below. Thank you and we are so excited to have a part of our volunteer program!
Contact Information
Joel Akins
Volunteer & Events Coordinator
(208) 265-7297 ext. 103
Welcome to Better Together Animal Alliance! We greatly appreciate your willingness to help us achieve our mission of creating a no-kill community. In an effort to help orient you to your volunteer work with us and create a shared understanding, we have put together the following policies. Please read these through carefully and indicate your willingness to uphold them by signing this document. In addition, we will ask that you sign a release of liability form and follow the guidelines for the volunteer tasks you perform.
We value your input and invite you to share any ideas or suggestions for how we can improve this program by talking directly with the volunteer coordinator.
We hope that you enjoy your work with us and truly appreciate your generosity in spending your time helping the animals!
Time Commitment
There are certain volunteer opportunities that require a commitment. These schedules are made on a monthly and quarterly basis. Other positions, though they do not require a commitment, it is strongly recommended. This gives you the best opportunity to learn the organization, the position and what is required to become most helpful and efficient when scheduled.
That said we understand that such a commitment may not be workable for you right now. Even if you can only come in occasionally, we truly welcome your help. If in the future you are able to become more involved, do let us know so we can talk about specific opportunities.
While you are welcome to come in and spend some time with the animals or help in other ways, the volunteers who report the greatest satisfaction are those who commit to specific times and duties. Scheduling also offers the greatest benefit to the animals as we can count on your help at the designated time. We have multiple jobs you can choose from and a variety of scheduled times available. Please contact the volunteer coordinator after orientation to schedule times that work best for you.
Orientation and Training
As a volunteer, you are required to attend orientation. Additional training is required for working in the animal areas, and for several other specific volunteer jobs. Don’t worry we keep it short and informative! For some tasks, we will also try to pair you up with a more experienced volunteer or staff to help you out on your first visit to the animal care center as a volunteer.
All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application, read and sign this document (Volunteer Policies and Agreement), follow the guidelines for the departments they wish to volunteer in, and sign the Volunteer Liability Release.
In addition to the general volunteer orientation, these specific volunteer roles require the additional training as indicated:
• Animal Care - Depending on the animal you would like to work with, additional training will be provided to ensure proper handling and care of that animal. You will be paired up and work with a volunteer mentor or staff member for the first volunteer session at the animal care center.
• Adoption Volunteers - After you complete the Animal Care training for one (or more) of the animal areas, you are welcome to attend additional training to help with pet adoptions. Adoption volunteers perform a much needed service of matching visitors with pets.
• All clinic and clerical volunteers are scheduled for their volunteer time. You will receive on the job training from a staff member or an experienced clinic volunteer on your first day of work as well as any additional time required to learn your new position.
Volunteer job descriptions are provided in your packet for the most common volunteer opportunities.
Better Together Animal Alliance Representation
As a volunteer, you are representing BTAA. We ask that you perform your volunteer responsibilities in a professional and courteous manner and follow the guidelines and instructions provided by our staff. If you encounter difficult people or situations, please refer these to the appropriate staff managers. Please communicate any job-related problems, concerns, differences of opinion, conflicts, or suggestions to the volunteer coordinator, or appropriate department manager.
You will need to purchase a volunteer t-shirt for $15.90 (this includes taxes), sweatshirts and hoodies are available as well and cost $21.20 (this includes taxes). We will provide you with a volunteer name badge. We ask that you wear these when participating in our volunteer activities. Additional t-shirts and/or sweatshirts may be purchased as needed. If you are working with animals, you must wear pants and closed toe shoes.
Understanding that public relations are an important part of volunteer activities, we ask that you allow BTAA to use any photographs in our possession for public relations purpose.
Terms and Conditions
• I fully understand and agree to follow the volunteer policies as outlined above.
• I fully understand that my services are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity and I agree to provide my service to BTAA strictly as a volunteer. I understand that I will receive no compensation, salary, employee benefits, or payment of any kind for the services I render.
• I agree to familiarize myself with BTAA policies and procedures and will fully comply with both the letter and spirit of these policies and procedures.
• I fully understand that BTAA expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment of animals under its care. I agree to adhere strictly to these standards, as outlined in my volunteer packet, in my voluntary capacity at BTAA.
• I fully understand that public relations are an important part of volunteer activities. On behalf of BTAA, I hereby authorize BTAA to use any photographs of me in its possession for public relations purpose.
• I agree not to represent BTAA outside my immediate volunteer role. BTAA employs designated spokesperson(s) to represent the organization.
• I will not perform any task that is outside of my physical limitations, even if requested.
Welcome to Better Together Animal Alliance and thank you so much for volunteering!

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