Volunteer Code of Conduct, Volunteer Agreement and Waiver, Performance Volunteer Contract

***Please read and accept the volunteer policies.***


Volunteers at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust are a valued resource. Volunteers serve in many roles, interfacing with our diverse visitors, supporting and representing the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s values and mission statement.

The following Code of Conduct ensures that every Volunteer conducts themselves and maintains an environment that fosters mutual respect, cooperation, teamwork, and promotes a civil and positive working relationship relationships among the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust which includes staff, volunteers, and visitors and is free from all forms of harassment, discrimination and violence. All volunteers are expected to follow the rules of conduct that will protect the interest and safety of the entire Pittsburgh Cultural Trust community.

This Code of Conduct is a guide, not an all-inclusive list, of the expectations the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has of you as a Volunteer, which the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust reserves the right to modify at any time.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, each Volunteer must be knowledgeable about and follow the rules and procedures outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and any additional pertinent training materials.


I understand and agree to abide by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Code of Conduct:

• I will treat staff, volunteers and visitors with respect through appropriate verbal and written communications. Be sensitive to our diverse Pittsburgh Cultural Trust community.

• I will not create a disturbance on Pittsburgh Cultural Trust premises, at sponsored activities or in areas which could jeopardize the experience or safety of others

• I will arrive to my scheduled shift on time and dressed appropriately for my scheduled assignment. If I must cancel, I understand I must notify the Volunteer Services and Front of House Guest Experience Department and/or appropriate staff.

• I will perform duties as assigned; unsatisfactory performance or conduct may result in dismissal.

• I will keep all information I handle confidential. I understand I am responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which I learn while serving as a volunteer

• I will report any customer service, safety, health or suspicious activities immediately to a member of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust staff and will not attempt to address my concerns directly without staff assistance

• I will abstain from the use of photo, audio or video recording equipment unless given explicit consent.

• I will inform the Volunteer Services and Front of House Guest Experience Department of any potential or actual conflicts of interest as they arise related to my position as a Volunteer at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

• I will only access areas of the Trust facilities and event venues that are directly related to the volunteer duties I am performing for that day. Access to non-public areas while not volunteering is prohibited.


The following actions are strictly prohibited and would result in immediate dismissal.

• Discrimination of any kind.

• Use of profane, harassing and/or abusive language, and/or disruptive behavior that is dangerous or inappropriate, to self or others.

• Theft or inappropriate removal, possession or use of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s property or that of any Pittsburgh Cultural Trust volunteer, staff, agent, patron, or visitor.

• Volunteering under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or illegal or unauthorized possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of alcohol or illegal drugs at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

• Violation of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, federal, state, or local safety and health rules. 

• Inappropriate use of telephones, computer equipment or systems, social media, mail system, email, facsimile machines, or other Pittsburgh Cultural Trust-owned equipment, including the unapproved alteration of records and information.

• Misuse of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s email distribution lists, including any communications unrelated to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s business.

By checking the box, I acknowledge, understand and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. I understand that any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in my dismissal as a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Volunteer



As a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Volunteer, I agree to donate my time, skills, or labor to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is willing to accept my services on the terms and conditions mentioned below. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and I agree as follows:

1) Intent and Participation: I agree and understand that any work I perform within the scope of my volunteering at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, is done without expectation of pay or any other benefits available to Pittsburgh Cultural Trust employees, with the exception of Workers’ Compensation.

2) Description and Performance of Duties: Under the supervision of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust staff and leadership, I will perform duties as assigned to me to the best of my abilities. I agree to attend volunteer orientation and any other training offered to volunteers that relate to my volunteer activities. I certify that I am capable of participating in the activities for which I am volunteering. Should I not be able to complete my volunteer duties according to this agreement, I will resign and return my volunteer badge and all relevant Pittsburgh Cultural Trust materials to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I acknowledge that I can be released from my position as a volunteer at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and I can resign my position as a volunteer at any time for any reason.

3) Release and Indemnification: I agree that I, my successors, assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives will not make a claim of any negligence, personal injury, wrongful death or property damage of any kind against the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and its employees, officers and agents for claims and liability which was incurred as a part of my participation in volunteer activities.

4) Photo Release: I grant and convey to the event organizers all right, title, and interests in any and all photographs, images, video, audio in connection with my providing volunteer services for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

5) Other: As a volunteer, I expressly agree that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and that this Release shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. I agree that in the event that any clause or provision of this Release is deemed invalid, the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Release shall not be affected. By signing below, I express my understanding and intent to enter into this Release and Waiver of Liability willingly and voluntarily.


I understand that I have made a commitment as a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Performance Volunteer. As a Performance Volunteer, I am the face of the Cultural Trust and often the only contact most patrons have with the Trust. Treating the patron courteously and efficiently is the primary focus of our work. In return I have the privilege of viewing the show once all patron assistance is provided. I understand that I must follow the required arrival time for performances.

I understand that the Floor Manager may need to adjust the job assignments. I will work as a team member, showing respect for patrons and my fellow volunteers.

I understand and will adhere to all dress code requirements.

I understand I will not leave the auditorium until my section is completely empty and my Floor Manager knows that I am leaving.

I understand that when in doubt or in need of clarification I will e-mail the Volunteer Services and Front of House Guest Experience Department.

I understand that I must update my volunteer profile in MyImpact with any change of address, telephone number, e-mail address or emergency contact information.

I understand that if I am unable to honor my commitment for a specific performance, I will send a cancellation e-mail: vcancel@trustarts.org I understand that I will notify the Volunteer Services and Front of House Guest Experience Department if I wish to discontinue my volunteer work for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

I understand that the time I give to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is very important to the success of the theater operations. This commitment demands the same level of professionalism as that of a paid employee.

I will enjoy the volunteer experience, meet new and interesting people, and feel positive about working with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Should I begin to feel otherwise, I will notify the Volunteer Services and Front of House Guest Experience Department immediately to discuss my situation.

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