NSCR can only accept applicants who are residents of BC or have open work permits. 

NSCR is a non-profit society with responsibilities for providing certain services to the community. In the course of carrying out these responsibilities, Board members, staff, volunteers, and/or contractors of NSCR may be recipients of information from and about clients to whom they may render information and advice. A strict confidentiality agreement will be adhered to where I have agreed to confirm to and be bound by the following rules of confidentiality:

Whether or not I work directly with clients, I will hold in strictest confidence all information acquired concerning the business and affairs of every client of NSCR in the course of my work with NSCR, regardless of the nature or source of the information or the fact that others may share the knowledge; and I will not divulge any such information unless disclosure is expressly or impliedly authorized by the client, or is required by law or by a court. 

I will take all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and safekeeping of NSCR's confidential information. All information remains the property of NSCR. 

I will preserve the confidential information of clients of NSCR even after the client has ceased using the services of NSCR or I have ceased volunteering at NSCR. I will not contact client(s) of NSCR after my affiliation with the agency ends.

I will not disclose to one client confidential information concerning or received by another client in a different manner. I will not provide services to any client where to do or would place me or NSCR in a conflict of interest.

I will avoid indiscreet conversations or gossip, and will not repeat gossip or information about any client's affairs, even thought the client is not named or otherwise identified. 

I will not solicit the business of client(s) of NSCR.

I may: a) with the express authority of the client, disclose confidential information; and b) unless the client directs otherwise, disclose the client's affairs to other staff member and to others within NSCR whose services are required by the client and who have signed NSCR's current Confidentiality Agreement.

If a situation arises that leads me to believe that a client is: a) planning to commit a serious crime; or b) is likely to cause serious bodily harm or death to him/herself and/or others, I will immediately inform one of the members of the NSCR management team. 

If the situation is an emergency and no manager is available for immediate consultation, I may call 911 and disclose information received by a client if such disclosure is necessary to avert or deal with the emergency. A situation is an emergency when the events set out in preceding paragraph are likely to occur before there is an opportunity to consult with a manager.

If require by law or called upon by a court to disclose a client's affair or if averting or dealing with an emergency, I will not divulge any more information that is necessary. 

I understand that the volunteer position I am applying for with NSCR is unpaid. To the extent the volunteer work requires out-of-pocket expenses (such as mileage or supplies), NSCR will reimburse those expenses when they have been pre-authorized and appropriate and required documentation is provided.

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