Our Volunteer Policy

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us! Our volunteer policy is displayed up front so you know what to expect from POW UK, then please sign up below that.


This policy sets out to demonstrate POW UK’s commitment to its volunteers and to ensure our interaction with them is based upon mutual respect and fairness in all aspects. This policy will serve as a point of reference for POW UK during recruitment, training and in the ongoing support of volunteers to ensure decisions are made consistently and all volunteers are treated equally.


POW UK aim to use appropriate means to recruit volunteers and will ensure adverts are written with consideration to equality of opportunity for all. Due to current lone working needs of roles and need for remote supervision, they will be open to 18+ only.

Application forms will be used to gather initial information, but assistance can be given with this if required by the applicant. The applicant will be interviewed by a member of the POW UK team to give them the opportunity to discuss the volunteer role, their availability and to establish their suitability for the tasks required by the role. If an applicant is deemed unsuitable for the voluntary role applied for, POW UK will endeavour to direct them to an alternative voluntary opportunity if available.


New volunteers will receive an electronic induction pack which will include:

  • Volunteer policy– to be signed by the volunteer

  • A list of current POW UK staff members and volunteers (google drive)

  • POW UK training pack 

  • Other information as appropriate

Support and Recognition 

POW UK could not do the work we do without volunteers, to recognise that we will always show appreciation and recognise effort.

We will do this by taking opportunity to praise volunteers at POW UK team meetings and events and on our website and social media platforms. 

Volunteers will be supported by the Volunteer Co-Ordinator and the Lead member of the team in which they are volunteering. Volunteers will be offered regular supervision either one to one or through team meetings where they will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback and discuss any issues they may encounter. 

Volunteers who have been with us for 6 months or more will have access to POW UK’s partner perks/deals where available.


POW UK do not want there to be any financial barriers to volunteer involvement and  want to ensure no volunteer is out of pocket for their contribution. Expenses must be authorised by a POW UK manager in advance before any payment is made. 

Equal Opportunities

POW UK is committed to ensuring that we operate within the framework of the law and that we operate free of discrimination on the basis of sex, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, gender (including re-assignment, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, race or colour. We aim to ensure all our volunteers achieve their full potential and that all decisions are made irrespective of the above criteria.


It is important that volunteers conduct themselves professionally whilst representing POW UK, whether online, in the course of the tasks they undertake or when attending events. Any behaviour that could be deemed as damaging to the reputation of POW UK will be referred to the General Manager for investigation and could result in dismissal from your POW UK role.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

We will only store personal information about you which you have provided for the purposes of volunteer recruitment and management, including contacting you and supporting you in the course of your role. This will be stored securely and only accessed by those within POW UK who have a legitimate need to access the data. We will not pass your personal information onto third parties.

If in the course of your role you are required to handle any personal information, you should treat this as confidential and keep it safe and secure. Do not save copies onto your personal devices/drives unless you have been told this is necessary, and delete it as soon as it is no longer required.

Criminal convictions

All prior unspent convictions must be notified to the General Manager, or in her absence, the trustee Chair or Secretary, prior to starting the role. If a conviction arises during the course of your engagement, it must be notified to us immediately. 

Media and Social Media 

POW UK accounts

POW UK uses social media in the course of it’s work and recognises that our volunteers also use it as part of their role. Volunteers using social media for their role must understand they are responsible for the content they post and for ensuring its accuracy and appropriateness. Content involving sensitive or politically charged commentary must be approved by a manager prior to posting. Volunteers are not permitted to set up social media accounts for POW UK purposes without prior approval.

Private Accounts

Volunteers must not post defamatory or disparaging statements about POW UK, volunteers, staff or other affiliates and stakeholders on their own or POW UK accounts. Volunteers who choose to link to or disclose their affiliation with POW UK on their private accounts must state that their views do not represent those of POW UK and ensure their content is appropriate to the image presented within their voluntary role.


Volunteers must consult with a manager prior to communicating with the media on behalf of POW UK or when responding to request for information about POW UK

Fraud and Corruption

If you suspect anyone of abusing their position with POW UK for fraudulent or corrupt purposes, you must report it in the first instance to the General Manager.

Health and Safety

Volunteer safety is very important to POW UK. All volunteers will receive health and safety information as part of their induction where needed and it is the responsibility of the management team to undertake risk assessments where required. Whilst carrying out volunteering activities, for example attending events, they will be covered by POW UK insurance. 

Attending Protests

Staff and volunteers may attend protests if they are doing so as independent individuals and not as a representative of POW UK. POW UK's strategy does not include civil disobedience and POW does not advocate it as a means of protest. 

Staff and volunteers are not permitted to wear POW clothing at protests or use the brand on any protest materials. Should staff/volunteers wish to promote their protest activities on social media they must not mention POW UK in the post or in their header/tagline. 

In the future there may be times when it is suitable to protest under the POW UK brand. When appropriate this will be indicated by the trustees and organised by POW UK.

Resolving Problems

If we do fall short of volunteers expectations we want them to feel they can tell us. 

Stage 1: In the first instance comments or feedback should be directed to their team Lead. If this is not resolved to the volunteer’s satisfaction, they have the right to make a complaint. 

Stage 2: Complaints can be submitted via email in the first instance to the Volunteer Co-Ordinator who will aim to respond by email or phone within 3 working days then investigate and resolve it within 10 working days. If this timeline cannot be met we will keep you informed of the delay and the reason for it.

Stage 3: If this Volunteer Co-ordinator does not resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you have the right to escalate your complaint to the Management team who will carry out an investigation and respond to you within 28 days. Their findings also will be presented to the team and their response will be final.

Moving On

We hope the experience and skills our volunteers learn when volunteering for us will open up other opportunities for them in the future. We will ask volunteers on leaving to complete an exit questionnaire, so we can use the feedback to continually improve the support we provide.

Volunteers that have been with us 6 months or more will be able to request a reference for their own employment or education application purposes

Other Relevant Documents

Volunteers are directed to their General Manager for further information about POW’s policies such as:

Health and safety, Equal Opportunities, Confidentiality and Data protection, Social media


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