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By signing up to the ParkCare Hub, you are agreeing to the ACT Parks and Conservation Service Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct.

To read the full Policy and Code of Conduct, please see the below link:

ACT Parks and Conservation Service Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct.

Please ensure you read and understand this policy. For any queries, please contact the ParkCare team:

Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Purpose: ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) works with volunteers through the ParkCare Initiative to achieve positive environmental and social outcomes. Our vision is to deliver an inclusive, valued and rewarding ParkCare/ volunteering initiative where positive volunteer experiences contribute to improved environmental outcomes.

The ParkCare Code of Conduct has been developed to promote a diverse, effective and enjoyable ParkCare experience for all involved.

Code of Conduct


  • Put safety first in all our activities.
  • Take care that we do not adversely affect the health and safety of ourselves or others.
  • Follow all safety procedures to the best of our ability at all times.
  • Promote healthy and safe work practices.
  • Follow our duty of care to ourselves and others.
  • Report all injuries, illnesses, accidents and near misses immediately to Parks and Conservation Service (PCS).
  • Refrain from the use or possession of alcohol and illegal drugs at any time whilst volunteering.


  • Respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others.
  • Treat each other with courtesy, sensitivity and consideration.
  • Seek to understand and appreciate each other’s abilities by working together and providing support.
  • Honour the confidentiality people place in us.

Integrity and honesty

  • Endeavour to balance organisational and individual needs.
  • Give honest, constructive feedback and value the input of others.
  • Treat each other fairly.
  • Be truthful with our colleagues and ourselves.
  • Admit when we are wrong and accept responsibility for our actions.


  • Exercise self-control in managing stress, anger and our behaviour.
  • Know when to walk away.
  • Recognise our limitations and those of others.

Comradeship and teamwork

  • Recognise and acknowledge each other’s skills and abilities.
  • Create an environment that is supportive and encouraging to all members.
  • Acknowledge that our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts.
  • Respect the different roles within the team.
  • Promote participation and cooperation.


  • Respect constructive comment and feedback.
  • Seek advice whenever appropriate.
  • When using social media such as Facebook, ensure that posts do not damage the reputation of ParkCare, ACT Parks and Conservation Service or the reputation of any staff member or volunteer.

Leadership and discipline

  • Recognise the chain of command as part of our leadership structure.
  • Encourage non-confrontational leadership.
  • Give clear directions.
  • Lead in a responsible, patient and motivational manner.
  • Defuse conflict by focusing on the issues.
  • Act in a responsible manner at all times, both in and out of uniform.

Equity and diversity

  • Provide fair access to training and development opportunities.
  • Treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge and experiences.
  • Use appropriate language that will not offend others.
  • Actively discourage bullying, victimisation or demeaning humour.
  • Stand up for the rights of others as well as our own.
  • Recognise and congratulate the achievements of others.
  • Value others irrespective of race, religion, colour, age, gender or creed.

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