Volunteer Code of Behaviour

Policy statement
Volunteer Now wishes to conduct its affairs with a high standard of integrity, behaviour and good practice with regard to everyone involved in our work.
Volunteer Now values the contribution of all our volunteers and expects that all volunteers will carry out their volunteering with integrity and honesty.
Volunteer Now will provide assistance in helping volunteers to carry out their role to the expected standards through investing in appropriate training and support.
The aim of this code is to provide guidelines for volunteers on what is expected from them within the scope of their role.
It is hoped that these guidelines will help maintain and improve standards, ensuring the highest possible service to those we work with while protecting volunteers from criticism or misunderstanding. It is not exhaustive and merely illustrates our expectations of volunteers.
The following are things that we expect from our volunteers within the scope of your role.
 Enjoy your volunteering.
 Talk to your Supervisor if you have any problems.
 Always inform the staff if you can’t turn up at a time that someone is expecting you.
 Work within your role description and the standards and scope of the role.
 Respect Volunteer Now property, equipment, staff, volunteers and those we work with.
 Have regard to the reputation and interest of Volunteer Now and endeavour to enhance the standing and good name of the organisation.
 Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of your volunteering
 Be aware of your own personal safety and the safety of others.
 Carry out your tasks in a way that ensures children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected and kept safe from harm while they are engaged in any activity associated with Volunteer Now as per the Code of Behaviour within our Safeguarding Policy.
 Comply with our no smoking policy.
 If you are not happy with anything being asked of you, say so!
 Respect diversity of staff, volunteers and all those we work with.
 Do not accept gifts or benefits in kind which have a significant monetary value, handle other people’s money or get involved in affairs outside the scope of your role.
 Ensure use of computers, phones and other equipment is only for carrying out your volunteering role
 Be aware of inappropriate use of social media that would impact negatively on Volunteer Now, its staff and volunteers as outlined in our Volunteer Social Media Policy.
 Be aware that the intellectual property rights of original work produced by you during the course of your volunteering is always transferred to Volunteer Now.
 All personal data is maintained securely and is not distributed in any way in accordance with our data protection policy.
 Dress in a manner which could not reasonably be expected to cause offence to any person with whom they come into contact in a working/placement capacity.
 Do not volunteer while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance. (A controlled substance means any drug not legally obtainable or legally obtainable but only by prescription or under similar restricted circumstances.).
 Inform your volunteer supervisor if you are involved in criminal proceedings that could negatively impact your volunteering role.
 Other role specific info may be added.

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