How to apply, instructions, handbook and application

Angela Williamson, CVA  Community & Volunteer Relations Specialist
302-737-8405 ext. 819 or

My office is located at 100 Hygeia Drive, Newark, DE 19713
revised 10/4/23

  • BBD has some but limited roles for those under 16 years old and ask for 20+ hours of service commitment.  
  • Volunteers are required to give 20 hours volunteer time to receive a BBD letter stating number of hours given to BBD. 
  • Volunteers required to give 50 hours volunteer time to receive a recommendation letter or recommendation form filled out.

To Make an Impact with Your Time at BBD:

1. Complete and submit the online application form with one of two boxes on this screen (scroll to see them)

  • New applicant - scroll to see the  “I am new to My Impact Page" box and create username/password


  • If you volunteer with another organization using my impact page
    Scroll to the “I already have a username” box and enter your username and password, this will add BBD to your already existing account.

2. As of 10/2/23 Proof of the Covid vaccine is NO LONGER required for all BBD staff and volunteers.

3. THEN Follow instructions emailed to you AFTER submitting this application (look in junk/spam folder)

4. AFTER submitting application (#1 above), you will:

  • Log into and bookmark the link you will receive in the email and/or download MYIMPACT APP on mobile device/tablets 
  • Sign up for an online meeting with Angela Williamson via, Opportunities tab
  • Complete the online training to be qualified to volunteer with us ( under My Profile - Training)
  • A volunteer will text or email you to set up a chat.  Please email with your availability
  • Check out 10 ways to be a great volunteer:


Volunteer Handbook    Revised April 8, 2022

We are excited to have you join the volunteer team at BBD!  I am here to work with you, support you, and help you have the best volunteer experience possible with BBD!  Please keep in touch, give me feedback, and be involved!  Share your ideas, suggestions, or stories about your BBD experience. 

Blood Bank of Delmarva’s mission is to serve our community by meeting the needs of patients and hospitals by providing safe, high quality blood products and related services. BBD is a non-profit community service organization that provides blood and blood products to 19 hospitals on the Delmarva Peninsula. More than 75,000 donations are needed in this area each year for the 19 hospitals who care for the 1.6 million people across the Delmarva Peninsula.  Blood Bank of Delmarva became part of the New York Blood Center Enterprise October 2019.  BBD is also a member of America’s Blood Centers. Established 1954.

Employees/Volunteers - 150 Full and Part Time Employees and approximately 300 Volunteers


Donor Centers (for hours call 888-8BLOOD-8 or check website at

  • Concord Center 161 Wilmington-West Chester Pike, Suite 2300, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
  • Christiana Center 100 Hygeia Drive, Newark, DE 19713
  • Dover Center 221 Saulsbury Road, Dover, DE 19904
  • Middletown Center - new - hopefully open by end of 2023
  • Salisbury Center 1309 Mt. Hermon Road, Salisbury, MD 21804
  • Dagsboro Center 32442 Royal Blvd., Dagsboro, DE 19939

Mobile Sites Multiple convenient mobile donor sites located throughout Delmarva hosted by high schools, colleges, businesses, organizations, religious groups, etc. Please call 888-825-6638 for locations or look online at

In case of inclement weather call 302-737-8405 ext. 411 for updates – but please be safe and don’t report to volunteer if the conditions are not good, even if the centers or mobiles are operating!  Let us know you are not coming by calling 302-737-8405 and:

  • Concord ext. 703
  • Christiana ext. 743
  • Middletown ext. TBD
  • Dover ext. 100
  • Salisbury ext. 513
  • Dagsboro ext. 890
  • Mobiles – call Volunteer Specialist ext. 819

All center locations have parking lots open to volunteers. Mobile sites should have parking, but may not be immediately next to the site. 

All center locations have lunch room facilities with refrigerators, microwaves, and space to eat/have a break as needed.  Vending machines are available at some sites.  Mobile sites are variable so plan to not have any such amenities. 

Other ways to stay inFORMED
Volunteer online system: 



Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Learn or use skills, talents, and experiences to further self-development and/or résumé building. 
  • Meet new people and enjoy comradery with donors, volunteers and staff.
  • Feel good knowing you are helping BBD save lives by helping in the blood donation process
  • Hours can count toward service hours needed for:
    • high school or college requirements (i.e. National Honor Society, Fraternity or Sorority, etc.);
    • Volunteer DE 50+/RSVP, let us know if you are a member;
    • DE - one elective credit toward high school graduation upon completing 90 hours of community service during two semesters Volunteer Delaware | Partner | Delaware Volunteer Credit
    • Presidential Service awards

Who does what:

Will give specific training, instruction, encouragement to volunteers they lead and work with the Volunteer Relations staff for volunteer needs, concerns, recognition, etc.

Provide time, talents, skills, energy, enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the BBD culture and mission of saving lives. Perform volunteer role to best of ability.

Community and Volunteer Relations Staff
Will recruit volunteers, maintain, train volunteers and those staff who need to use system. Keep all forms, information and overall orientation/training up to date, work with all staff with any volunteer needs, questions, issues, suggestions.  Place volunteers in volunteer roles introducing them with staff who will directly supervise them. Lead appreciation efforts, and all other volunteer related activities.


BBD Will:

  • Provide orientation to BBD.
  • Give access to online volunteer scheduling, records, training system (
  • Provide volunteer position descriptions (posted in
  • Train and share materials as needed for you to complete the tasks/roles stated in your position description.
  • Provide routine education and updates.
  • Give constructive evaluation of volunteer work as appropriate.
  • Give appreciation in a variety of ways.
  • Treat you with respect and courtesy.
  • Listen and appreciate your comments and feedback.
  • Recognize you as a significant resource critical to the achievement of the mission and goals of BBD.

Volunteers Will Adhere to these expectations, policies, instructions in this and role descriptions:

  • Wear your name tag every time you volunteer.
  • Be able to complete tasks as listed in the position description.
  • Avoid using your cell phone while volunteering.
  • Provide great customer service in all roles with BBD. Treat donors, staff, visitors, and other volunteers with respect and dignity. Any person we serve may be subject to adverse reactions or emotions at the time of interaction with the Blood Bank.  The individual may display anger, frustration, fear or other emotions. Please feel free to ask for assistance from a BBD employee to deal with any of these situations. Regardless, each volunteer has an opportunity and obligation to make every individual’s interaction with the Blood Bank a pleasant, positive experience.
  • Arrive on time and as scheduled.  If you are sick or delayed on the day of your assignment, call as soon as you are able and let the staff know you can’t make it.  If you need to cancel a future date, use the online system and let the appropriate staff/group know to find a substitute.
  • Follow instructions, this handbook and all BBD policies. If actions warrant, volunteers will be asked to cease volunteering. If this should occur, you will be asked to return your nametag and your profile will be deactivated. 
  • Use – the online system (accessible online on phone, tablet, computer, or other internet connected device) for: keeping personal information up to date, recording all volunteer hours, scheduling, cancelling (if day before or day of please call/email directly to designated staff/volunteer contact). Directions available on the site and from Volunteer Relations staff person.  
    • If a volunteer does not have access to such a device, they will let the Volunteer Relations staff person know who will work with them on how to do scheduling, communication, etc.
  • Notify the Volunteer Relations staff person if you have a safety, logistical, personal issue, or have suggestions or ideas before talking with others that may not be able to make any changes in the situation.
  • Contact the Volunteer Relations staff person to discuss options if you are interested in other volunteer roles or your current role is not meeting your expectations.
  • Notify the Volunteer Relations staff person when you are no longer available to volunteer at BBD and to turn in your nametag.

Dress Code 

The Company is committed to maintaining a professional reputation amongst the healthcare communities served, which is partially maintained through the professional appearance of our employees/volunteers. 

  • When on shift or at a Company sponsored event, employees/volunteers are expected to wear appropriate attire, to be clean and to be well-groomed.
  • The Company’s dress code generally allows for business casual attire. Examples of business casual attire, although not a complete list, consists of button-down dress shirts, sport or suit coats, blazers, dress pants, dresses, skirts, sweaters/cardigans, blouses, and dress shoes. 
    • Examples of inappropriate attire consists of any ripped or torn clothing, as well as any distracting, tight, revealing or exceptionally loose or low-cut clothing.
  • It is essential that employees/volunteers in certain positions dress in a manner consistent with relevant safety standards, including prescribed footwear and personal protective equipment, according to applicable SOPs or departmental policies.
  • Employees/volunteers may not wear any clothing, jewelry or have visible tattoos that contain an offensive word, message or slogan or picture directed at a race, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, disability or other protected category or is otherwise considered to be offensive or harassing in any way. 
    • However, employees/volunteers are not prohibited from wearing clothing or pins containing messages or slogans in connection with their rights under protected concerted activities. Certain employees/volunteers may be prohibited from wearing such pins while on the clock in specific personal or donor safety sensitive situations.
  • Where uniforms or lab coats are required, employees/volunteers are expected to comply fully with such requirements and to maintain uniforms or lab coats in clean condition and in good repair. ​​​​​​​


Safety & Injury

  • Each employee and volunteer must practice safety awareness by thinking defensively, anticipating unsafe situations and reporting them immediately.  
  • Notify your immediate staff contact person, staff in charge, or Volunteer Relations Staff of any safety issues or emergencies immediately. 
  • Follow all safety training/requirements given in all trainings, written or verbal instructional materials, posted, online or given in any other format.  Regular training/refresher training will be given on topics as needed.  These may include Fire Safety Procedures, Blood Borne Pathogens, Falls/Slips or other training for donors, staff or volunteers, and anything specific to your volunteer role.
  • In case of an injury to yourself, a donor or other staff – contact a staff person/lead/manager immediately who will manage next steps for handling the situation.  They will call an ambulance if needed.  The staff/lead/manager will complete an Injury/Accident form. Once the form is completed and signed, it goes to Human Resources, who will make a copy and get it to the Volunteer Relations staff person.


I hereby authorize New York Blood Center, Inc. (“NYBC”) to photograph, videotape or record me for publicity or public affairs purposes and to publish my photograph, videotape or recorded image (collectively “Photograph”), along with my name, in any NYBC publication selected by NYBC, including publication on NYBC’s website. I understand and accept that my Photograph will become and remain the property of NYBC and that NYBC may reproduce and make it available for publication along with my name in news, promotional or other similar media (including Internet or other on-line media) with the purpose of advancing NYBC’s mission. I also understand and accept that I shall have no right to inspect or approve my Photograph or use of my Photograph and name by or on behalf of NYBC, nor will I receive any compensation for use of my Photograph and name.

With regard to all current and future publications in which NYBC may use my name and Photograph, I understand and accept that my authorization will remain in effect unless and until I contact NYBC in writing to revoke this authorization.   Because NYBC puts a lot of time, energy and resources into conceiving and developing the work-product for its publicity and public affairs activities, NYBC asks that you notify the following department in writing as soon as possible if you decide to revoke your authorization:

NYBC Corporate Communications, 310 E. 67th Street, New York, NY 10065,
(212) 570-3220



·       Confidentiality Agreement - In the course of day-to-day operations, employees and volunteers of Blood Bank of Delmarva come in contact with a variety of information about members, donors, other employees, or volunteers.  Blood Bank of Delmarva employees and volunteers must treat all sensitive information in a confidential manner.  Confidential means discussing the information only with those individuals who have a need to know for operational purposes.  Any violation of the policy on confidentiality may result in disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal.  Although it is impossible to list violations, some of the more obvious would be disclosing medical, health or personal information, test results, salary, policy or pass codes, etc.  Each employee and volunteer has a responsibility to report any breach of confidentiality to his/her supervisor, Volunteer Relations Staff, or to Human Resources.

  • Code of Ethics: BBD employees and volunteers must adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Avoidance of unethical conduct and conflicts of interest on the part of the employees and volunteers is essential to meeting these standards.  BBD can accomplish its mission only because of the trust of the public.  That public trust is established and maintained only through a demonstration of high standards by its Executives, employees, and volunteers. Embody the Core Values stated earlier in handbook. 
  • All BBD centers, mobile units, vehicles, and property are SMOKE FREE.
  • No alcohol, illegal or otherwise banned substances, weapons.
  • No harassment of any kind (verbal, physical, etc.) and no inappropriate touching allowed.  Report any concerns to the Volunteer Relations staff person ext. 819 or Human Resources ext. 708 or 709 immediately.
  • If working/volunteering with a minor under 18 years old always have 3 people present, two adults with one minor or two minors with one adult.
  • Follow all Personal Protective Equipment requirements if needed as stated in the volunteer position descriptions. 
  • There are designated spokespeople for BBD, so any media or other inquiries should be referred to the Marketing Department.  No one else is authorized to speak for the Blood Bank without prior permission. 
  • Electronic Communications – Volunteers may be asked to use BBD electronics to communicate with staff, volunteers or donors.  All work created or performed on BBD equipment becomes BBD property.  The systems may not be used in a manner that violates our policies, seen as insulting, disruptive, obscene, offensive, or harmful to morale. 
  • Social Media – Sharing official BBD posts as written are highly encouraged rather than rewriting them.  We strongly encourage staff and volunteers to keep personal and professional social media separate.  Use good judgment when communicating on social media. 
  • Fire Safety – BBD fixed sites are equipped with alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors that are tied into the security alarm system at each facility.  Should one of these mechanisms be activated day or night, the signal is received by the security company and a call is immediately placed to the nearest responding fire department.
    • If you discover a fire, activate the nearest alarm (or call 911), and exit immediately
    • If a fire alarm goes off, always assume there is a fire, and exit the building immediately unless instructed otherwise by staff.
    • Emergency plan signs on walls and exit signs are located throughout our facilities.  Be familiar with at least 2 exit options from your work area.  Do not use an elevator.
    • Once outside the building, report to the site’s designated meeting place and group by departments.
  • You are responsible to get yourself to safety, staff are responsible to move donors out safely. 


Blood Bank of Delmarva Volunteer Agreement

The Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD) appreciates your upcoming contribution of time and is dedicated to ensuring you have a quality volunteer experience, which is both productive and rewarding.

BBD commits to supporting you as a volunteer as listed in the Volunteer Handbook.

As a volunteer of BBD you agree to fulfill your role and follow all BBD policies, procedures, and instructions as given in the volunteer handbook, orientations, trainings, volunteer role descriptions both now and in the future.

  • Minors under 18
    • Minors will not be dropped off prior to scheduled start time, and will be picked up at the scheduled end time. 
    • A parent/guardian will actively volunteer at the same time with their minor under the age of 16.

By completing the electronic application online, you are agreeing to the Volunteer Handbook.

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