Organization Policies

Uniting Country SA recognises the benefits of involving volunteers within the organisation and encourages participation of volunteers as a means of assisting employees to achieve service aims and objectives.

The definition of Volunteering is:

Time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain

For the purpose of this policy, where the term “volunteer” is used this includes:

  • Volunteers as per the definition above
  • Mandatory Government Programs (see below paragraph)
  • Any other person who participates in the day to day activities of UCSA in an unpaid capacity

Mandatory Government Programs means any person volunteering at UCSA as a;

  • Work for the Dole Participant OR
  • Recipient of government allowance, either: Mobility, Newstart or Parenting Payments who have a work activity requirement.

Uniting Country SA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes all volunteers as part of the UCSA team and expects volunteers to be treated as a member of the workforce, albeit in an unpaid capacity.

As UCSA volunteers have contact with vulnerable people, particularly children, they are required to undertake a DHS Working with Children Check Screening.

UCSA can refuse to accept a volunteer if a screening is unsatisfactory or there is no suitable positions available.

The guidelines that follow are not separate to Uniting Country SA’s policies which cover all employees and volunteers, but highlight the key areas relevant to volunteers and their duties.

In 2013, Uniting Country SA adopted the National Volunteering Standards. This is to provide a framework for best practice in volunteer management that is endorsed by volunteering peak bodies around the country. The approach to volunteer management promoted by the National Standards supports the recognition of minimum obligations and expectations for volunteers and volunteer-engaging organisations.

I have decided to volunteer for Uniting Country SA and

I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically make me a Uniting Country SA volunteer.

I understand that my volunteer role can be terminated if I purposely provide volunteer coordinator incomplete personal information.

I give my permission for an authorised representative of Uniting Country SA to contact the persons I have listed as referees and to obtain any relevant information pertaining to my application for a position as a volunteer.

I understand there is a level of training I must meet, including the volunteer mandatory training package that I must complete within the first 3 months of volunteering                                  

I am aware of my rights and responsibilities as a volunteer worker with Uniting Country SA.

I will abide by the conditions set out in the Statement of Confidentiality and Code of Conduct.

I will abide by the policies and procedures of Uniting Country SA.                  

I understand that I have Work, Health and Safety responsibilities I must abide by in the workplace.          

I understand that my position may be reviewed periodically.                                    

I am aware that it is my responsibility to record my hours worked, and I will notify my Supervisor if I am unable to attend my designated shift or shifts as soon as practicably/reasonably possible.

I am willing to undertake any further training for the volunteer position if necessary.

I certify that the answers provided by me in this application and any documentation supplied are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct and, that I have not knowingly withheld any pertinent facts or circumstances.

I understand that any omissions or misrepresentation of fact in this application may result in refusal of or separation from employment or volunteer service upon discovery thereof.


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