Mid Yorkshire NHS Covid19 Volunteer Agreement

Welcome to Volunteering at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust:

We are delighted that you are interested in joining our volunteer team.  We are in need of volunteers at all three of our hospitals sites to help us support patients. 

This is our online volunteer application form. Please follow the steps and tell us more about yourself which will help us to recruit you as quickly as possible and place you in a suitable role.  We are looking forward to meeting you soon. 

 Firstly please read and sign our: Mid Yorkshire NHS Volunteer Agreement


This agreement details the arrangement between The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and you as a volunteer. We really value our volunteers and we aim to make your volunteer experience with us enjoyable and rewarding in a supportive and positive environment that ensures you get the most out of your volunteering.


This agreement is not a legally binding contract, nor is it an employment contract but does state clearly the responsibilities of the Trust in providing a volunteer placement and the responsibility of the volunteer to adhere to the Trust’s policies, procedures and processes.



Volunteers can expect:


Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust can expect:

An explanation and understanding of the core values of the Trust; the Trust will encourage all volunteers to be guided by our values in interactions with patients, visitors and staff remembering that you are a representative of the Trust.


Volunteers will abide by the Trust’s objectives and its equal opportunities, health and safety, confidentiality and other policies demonstrating the Trust’s behaviours in their duties.

To receive a full induction and training programme necessary for the volunteer role, including a volunteer induction booklet and training materials


Volunteers will undertake mandatory and role specific training as required in order to meet training standards carrying out their duties with courtesy and respect.

To be treated with respect, courtesy and in line with the organisational policies


Volunteers to agree to treat, in confidence, any information about patients, families, colleagues or members of staff.


To receive a role outline, information on support arrangements and invites to volunteer meetings with a named contact for support.

Volunteers will attend at the agreed times or advise voluntary services if this is not possible, giving early notification of holidays, absence and sickness where possible.


To be provided with reimbursable expenses and clear information on how to claim them.


Volunteers will sign in and out for each volunteer shift.

To be supported by the Trust to develop your volunteer role to enhance patient care.


To develop and support our aims through your volunteering duties listening to feedback from the volunteers.

To be covered by the Trust’s insurance whilst undertaking an agreed volunteer role


On leaving a voluntary role, volunteers will give as much notice as possible, complete an exit form and return their ID & uniform to voluntary services






In light of the Covid-19 outbreak which has considerably changed working practices here at MidYorks NHS Trust volunteers are provided with Personal Protective Equipment. This equipment is of the utmost importance and designed for your health, safety and well-being.

Adhere to COVID19 infection control processes and policies through adhering to the following measures:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – follow instructions from staff to wear PPE at all times when required to do so.  This includes the wearing of gloves, facemasks, visors and aprons.

To dispose of PPE safely when the shift ends.

Ensure that Social Distancing is wherever possible provided for the volunteers on site and in the Department.

To maintain a safe social distance, following government guidelines, or as advised by the staff at all times.  Where this may not be possible seek guidance from a member of staff on the ward/area where you volunteer as to how you may or may not proceed.

Ensure that Infection Prevention and Control guidance, policies and procedures are in place for the volunteer ie hand sanitisers.

To follow good practice regarding frequent washing of hands and using the hand sanitisers provided on the wards/department/hospital site.

Sickness – In light of COVID19 the Trust will arrange for a volunteer to be tested if they are unwell and displaying the symptoms of COVID19.

The volunteer must report any sickness absence as soon as possible to the volunteer co-ordinator and do not attend if you or a member of your household/bubble is unwell or showing symptoms of COVID19.

Follow Government Guidelines on self-isolation if you suspect or if it is confirmed that your sickness is related to COVID19, or if you are advised to isolate by Track & Trace.

The MidYorks Trust will not expect you to volunteer in an area with confirmed COVID19 patients and to do so would be the volunteer’s choice if offered.

I understand that MidYorks NHS Trust cannot guarantee that I will not be exposed to COVID19 during the course of my voluntary work.






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