This Application form is for Practicum Students only.

NOTE: To complete this application, you will need all the following information: 

  • the name of the university/college and program/course requiring the practicum
  • the name, phone number, and email address of the faculty or staff at the university/college overseeing your practicum
  • the number of hours your practicum requires and the timeframe you have to complete them
  • a complete list of assignments associated with your practicum placement
  • a list of any evaluations your on-site supervisor (IRCOM staff) will need to complete
  • any other relevant information that will help us determine if we are able to offer you a practicum placement at this time


IRCOM is committed to providing equal access to volunteer opportunities. Applicants who identify as an Indigenous person, a visible minority, a member of the LGBTTQ* community, come from an immigrant or refugee background, or who speak languages other than English are all encouraged to apply. Where possible, IRCOM will strive to make our programs accessible for volunteers with physical or other limitations as well as volunteers who bring a support person with them.

Everyone who wants to volunteer at IRCOM can expect to go through an application process free of judgment. The steps for applying to IRCOM are the same for everyone, and include:

  • Submitting a written application, including the name and contact information for two references
  • A one-on-one interview with a member of the Volunteer Team
  • Providing a clear Child Abuse Registry check
  • Providing an acceptable Criminal Record check (note that having a criminal record does not exclude a person from volunteering unless it suggests a risk to IRCOM staff, volunteers or community members)
  • Attending a training specific to the program of interest, if available

IRCOM has the right to check the information provided by a volunteer at any stage of this process and refuse a volunteer if the information is inaccurate or suggests a risk to other staff, volunteers, or community members.

By agreeing to these policies students agree to go through this application process.

IRCOM works together with many universities/colleges to provide quality practicum placements for students.

By agreeing to these policies, the student agrees to meet all the practicum requirements, including the hours and timeframe listed. The student also agrees to disclose all of these requirements to IRCOM on this application form. The student understands that IRCOM may not be able to accommodate requirements that are not listed on this form.

IRCOM expects volunteers meet certain standards. More details on volunteer rights and responsibilities are provided later on, but in general volunteers are expected to:

  • Abide by IRCOM's core values (put people first, be agents of change, be holistic, and support integration, independence, diversity and partnerships)
  • Treat all staff, volunteers and community members with respect, consideration and dignity
  • Understand the job requirements before accepting it, asking questions if needed
  • Follow guidelines and procedures
  • Communicate openly and honestly with staff, volunteers and community members
  • Accept guidance and supervision from the staff member in charge
  • Share knowledge and experience with new volunteers
  • Inform the Volunteer Team as soon as possible if unable to attend, arrive on time, or carry out the assigned duties

By agreeing to these policies, the volunteer agrees to meet these standards.

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