Volunteer Service Standards

Emergency Support Services                                            Volunteer Service Standards


The goal of the ESS Volunteer is to provide support to people before, during and after an emergency.


As an ESS Volunteer, I pledge to adhere to the following standards at all times:


  1. I agree to conduct myself with integrity and professionalism in all ESS Programs and activities and I will represent the best interests of the City at all times. 
  2. I will clearly identify myself as a [Community] Emergency Programs Volunteer and will not comment to the media unless approved by my supervisor.
  3. I understand the confidential nature of my duties with ESS and agree to maintain the strictest confidentiality of any information I am given in the course of my duties and I will take reasonable care to prevent access to confidential material by unauthorized individuals.
  4. I will be given contact information of other volunteers and ESS staff, including telephone numbers and email addresses. I understand that this information is to be kept confidential and is only to be used for the purposes of the Emergency Programs.
  5. I agree not to use any knowledge gained through my involvement with the [Community] Emergency Programs for any personal gain and I agree to advise my supervisor of any situation which may result in a conflict of interest for myself or others.
  6. I will appropriately use all equipment provided to me, as outlined in all written policies and guidelines.
  7. I will perform all assigned tasks to the best of my ability and I will carry out duties with impartiality and equality of service to all. I agree that each individual deserves courteous attention and that all persons will be treated in a considerate manner.
  8. I understand that my opinions are not necessarily those of the [Community], The Emergency Management Office, staff or other volunteers. I understand that it is not my role to provide the public personal opinions and advice.
  9. I accept the need for initial and ongoing training to provide quality service and I accept the need for supervision in the performance of my duties.
  10. I agree to respect the belief system of all persons with whom I come into contact with as a result of working in the [Community] Emergency Programs. I will not discuss politics, religion or any other belief system with any volunteer or members of the public in an effort to have them accept my belief system.
  11. I will not discriminate because of race, colour, religion, age, sex, or national ancestry or any of the prohibited grounds under the Human Rights Code.
  12. I will avoid any situation, which could impair judgement in the performance of duties or give that impression to others. I will perform my duties only when physically, mentally and emotionally fit and will find a substitute if indisposed in any way.
  13. I will model a positive attitude and constructively support open communication, creativity, and dedication to high standards of service.
  14. I accept the fact that there is a probationary period of not less than one year and there is a minimum commitment of two years of service in the role in which I receive training.
  15. Participation in the ESS Volunteer Services program is at the discretion of Management.

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