Volunteer Policies

I agree that the information in this application is true and correct and I further agree to follow all guidelines and policies.  

The goals of the Volunteer Program in the City of Anna are to encourage our neighbors to share their talents and abilities as we continue to create a City that is welcoming, safe and vibrant.  Currently, volunteers can assist with our Recreation Programs, in City Departments and with Keep Anna Beautiful. 

Your Responsibilities:

  • Show up on time and be available throughout the agreed-upon ending time.  If you are unable to keep your schedule, notify your supervisor as soon as possible. 
  • Look your best.  Remember, you are representing your City, so neatness, cleanliness and comfort are important.  If you are issued a uniform or shirt, it should be clean and neat for each shift.
  • Be sure and wear your City Badge.  This identifies you as a City Volunteer and it may also allow access to certain restricted areas. 
  • Volunteers may serve up to 20 per week.  Be sure and schedule your time responsibly. 
  • Always act with integrity and common sense.  Treat others with respect, courtesy, and care. 
  • Respect confidentiality.  You are entrusted to hold any confidential material safely and respect others’ rights to privacy.  Keep confidential information, confidential.
  • Know the rules and the law.  Respect the City’s employment policies:  tobacco, alcohol and drug-free work environment policies; workplace harassment policies; workplace violence policies and the conflict-of-interest policy. 
  • Be recognized by completing your hours weekly!  These hours will help your supervisor write letters of recommendation, help the City apply for grants and funding. 
  • Volunteers must report any arrest or reports of domestic violence against them within 24 hours of the occurrences. 
  • Be creative!  Your suggestions and contributions are an important part of volunteering.
  • If you believe you have been treated unfairly, report your concerns to the volunteer coordinator or the department director.  If this does not resolve the matter, the existing Grievance Policy for paid employees will be utilized.  The volunteer coordinator will be kept informed about all decisions regarding volunteer placement and performance. 

Our Responsibilities to You: 

  • Provide an orientation that clearly outlines your duties and responsibilities as well as your volunteer coordinator or supervisor and work schedule. 
  • Provide a clean and safe work environment and an atmosphere of mutual respect, professionalism, and fairness. 
  • Define your assignment expectations and maintain an open-door policy.
  • Evaluate your work periodically and provide feedback.


Background Screening

For the safety and wellbeing of our neighbors, City Volunteers will have a criminal background check.  The background check takes about 48 hours and the City Manager or his designee will determine if the applicant is eligible to volunteer.  Should information be found that would prevent an applicant from being accepted, the volunteer coordinator will issue a denial letter in a confidential manner. 

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