MMI Volunteering Policy







1.  Introduction


Mind Management Institute, Inc. exists to involve more people more effectively in volunteering to help solve real problems and enrich communities.


It does this by:


  • Working with volunteer-involving organizations to improve the diversity and quality of volunteer placements.
  • Providing potential volunteers with the means to access volunteering opportunities.
  • Helping people who might otherwise have found themselves excluded to take part in their communities.


Mind Management Institute, Inc. is committed to involving volunteers directly within the organization to:


  • Contribute to the delivery of our services
  • Form our board of management
  • Make sure we are responsive to the needs of our users.
  • Provide different skills and perspectives.
  • Offer opportunities for participation by people who might otherwise be excluded.


This volunteer policy sets out the principles and practices by which we involve volunteers. A Volunteer Handbook is provided during orientation.


2.  Principles


Mind Management Institute, Inc :


  • Recognizes that voluntary work brings benefits to volunteers themselves, to service users and to paid staff.
  • Will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organizational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to the volunteer center’s work.
  • Will not introduce volunteers to replace paid staff.
  • Expects that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate, will actively seek to involve them in their work. 
  • Recognizes that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs, as well as providing the training for them to do their work effectively.
  • Will endeavor to identify and cover the costs of involving volunteers.
  • Recognizes that the management of volunteers requires designated responsibilities within specific posts.
  • Will endeavor to involve volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and ensure our volunteering opportunities are as accessible as possible



3.  Recruitment


Recruitment of volunteers will generally be from all sections of the community and will be in line with the Mind Management Institute, Inc. Equal Opportunities Policy.  The positive action in recruitment may be used where appropriate.


People interested in becoming volunteers with Mind Management Institute, Inc. will be invited for an informal talk with the appropriate contact person.  They will be given an information pack including general information about the organization and specific information on the volunteer post in which they are interested.  Volunteer Board Members will be given a role-specific induction and information pack.


All volunteers will be asked to complete a simple registration form appropriate to the role that they are applying for and to supply two references.  Where applicants are not placed in the role applied for, they will be provided with feedback and given the opportunity to discuss alternative volunteering roles both with Mind Management Institute, Inc. and other volunteer-involving organizations.


Every volunteer role will undergo a risk assessment.  For volunteer roles that involve ‘regulated work’ such as caregiving and/or sustained and direct contact with children or vulnerable adults, Mind Management Institute, Inc. has a legal obligation to ensure that volunteers are not barred from working with children or vulnerable groups. Potential volunteers for such roles will be required to submit a DHS Clearance and background check. This information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and will not necessarily prejudice the person being accepted for voluntary work.


4.  Volunteer Agreements and Voluntary Work Outlines


Volunteers will receive a role description and volunteer agreement containing full information about their chosen area of work and a clear idea of their responsibilities and the volunteer’s responsibilities to them.



5.  Induction and Training


Volunteers will be given induction and training appropriate for the specific tasks to be undertaken.



6.  Support


Volunteers will be assigned a named contact person who will provide regular support. Support sessions will provide the opportunity for ongoing dialogue about the development of the volunteering role and any advice and guidance as needed.  Where the volunteering role is emotionally demanding these sessions also give volunteers the opportunity to access emotional support from the organization.



7.  The Volunteer’s Voice


Volunteers will be consulted in decisions that affect them.  Mind Management Institute, Inc. is committed to developing consultation and representational procedures for volunteers.



8.  Records


Minimum details will be kept on volunteers.  This will include the registration form, references, placement details, crisis contact, correspondence, and any other relevant information in accordance with Mind Management Institute, Inc. confidentiality policy.



9.  Expenses


Mind Management Institute, Inc. will ensure that there is a clear and accessible system to enable volunteers to claim out of pocket expenses.



10.  Insurance


Volunteers will be covered by insurance while carrying out agreed duties.



11.  Health and Safety


Mind Management Institute, Inc. will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the volunteers’ health, safety, and welfare while at work in accordance with the center’s Health and Safety policy.



12.  Equal Opportunities


Volunteers and staff will work in accordance with Mind Management Institute, Inc. equal opportunities policy and will prevent discrimination on any grounds.


13.  Problems


Mind Management Institute, Inc. has a policy to help deal with grievances that volunteers may have.  In line with this policy volunteers have the right to discuss any concerns they may have with their named contact at any time.



14.  Endings


When volunteers move on from their role at Mind Management Institute, Inc. they will be asked to provide feedback on the volunteering experience by way of an exit questionnaire. They will also be given the opportunity to discuss their responses to the questionnaire more fully with Training & Leadership Director.


On the basis of their voluntary work, volunteers will have the right to request a reference. Volunteers will be supported to move on to other options.


Mind Management Institute, Inc. has a policy on how it will deal with any disciplinary issue regarding a volunteer.



15.  Monitoring and Evaluation


Mind Management Institute, Inc. will systematically monitor and evaluate its use of volunteers with reference to this Volunteer Policy.


This policy will be reviewed bi-annually.
























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