Anguilla Red Cross Policies and Code of Conduct

Here is our Code of Conduct.



Volunteers, staff and representatives of the Anguilla Red Cross are personally and collectively responsible for upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. For convenience, all such persons will be referred to as “staff”.

At all times and in all circumstances, staff are expected to work in accordance with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement’s Fundamental Principles and to respect the dignity of those whom Anguilla Red Cross pledges to assist and with whom they have contact.

Scope and Purpose

These regulations apply to all Anguilla Red Cross employees/volunteers, locally employed staff and any other individuals working for or representing Anguilla Red Cross in the field.


All staff agree to:

1. Observe any instructions given by the Anguilla Red Cross headquarters and act in conformity with those instructions.

2. Work alongside representatives from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Federation), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and/or Participating National Society (PNS) as instructed by the Anguilla Red Cross headquarters.

3. Administer with exactness and care any funds and material resources entrusted to them and be prepared to render an account of the use of such funds and resources during or at the conclusion of the field assignment/visit.

4. Refrain from committing the Anguilla Red Cross, financially or otherwise, without receiving specific written instructions or an agreement to proceed.

5. Refuse any financial or material gifts or promises of such gifts or other advantages, other than token presents which may be customary.

6. Refrain from undertaking any public, professional or commercial activities other than those connected with the assignment/field visit.

7. Refrain from using their Red Cross position to request favours, or to seek sexual favours in exchange for money, employment, services or goods.

8. Avoid making references to political or military situations in public, official or private communications, including conversations, telephone calls, radio messages, e-mails, faxes and letters.

9. Refrain from saying or doing anything that may contravene the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, particularly those of impartiality and neutrality, whether on or off duty.

10. Respect and promote respect for the emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Any insignia/identity badge/passport issued must not be misused and should be returned to the Anguilla Red Cross headquarters at the end of the assignment/field visit.

11. Refrain from wearing Red Cross insignia when not on official duty (except insignia of small size, such as a lapel pin).

12. Observe strictly the laws and regulations of the country(s) including those concerning security, road/vehicle usage, drugs/alcohol, sexual activities, financial and currency regulations.

13. Refrain from engaging in inappropriate relations with those who may look to the Anguilla Red Cross for protection, particularly vulnerable adults or children (persons under 18 years of age), and refrain from any acts that may be considered abusive, including violence, harassment, discrimination or racism.

14. Pay due respect to the religious beliefs, customs and habits of the population of the country(s) as shown through appropriate dress, conduct and behaviour.

15. Dress in a manner which avoids any impression of a military status.

16. Refrain from using or carrying weapons or ammunition at any time on their person or in personal luggage.

17. Keep the Anguilla Red Cross headquarters informed of movements in the field (all) and inform the Anguilla Red Cross headquarters when taking local leave.

I understand that this Code of Conduct form part of my contract. I declare that I shall respect the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. I also declare that I shall observe the Rules set out above.

If I do not do so or if I display inappropriate behaviour, the Anguilla Red Cross may invoke its disciplinary procedure which could lead to the early termination, and possible summary termination, and of my contract of employment.

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