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The Volunteer Department at Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF) is proud to provide one of Ireland’s most sought-after volunteer programmes and to commit to international best practice. As such, the Department adheres to policies that ensure the health, safety and satisfaction of all GIAF volunteers, staff, partners and visitors. We ask that all volunteers review this policy document as well as the Volunteer Handbook 2019 and contact with any questions. By signing the separate Volunteer Agreement 2019, volunteers recognise and agree to abide by these policies.

General Policies

  1. GIAF promotes inclusivity and diversity in its Volunteer Department and is proud to accept volunteers from all over the world. GIAF does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, religion, race, sexual orientation or identification, gender, socioeconomic status, age or ability.
  2. The GIAF Volunteer Department is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and collects volunteers’ personal data only for the purpose of carrying out the necessary activities of managing Festival volunteers and drawing up post-Festival reports. This data is processed by Better Impact, which provides the Festival’s volunteer management software, using servers in Canada. Volunteers’ personal data is never shared with other third parties unless with explicit consent from the data subject and/or if required by law. The privacy rights of all GIAF data subjects can be found at
  3. The Festival is not in a position to incur or reimburse any expenses for volunteers’ travel, accommodation, visa fees or any other fees that may occur as a result of volunteering.
  4. The Festival does not provide letters of support for any party seeking a visa or asylum status in Ireland. The Volunteer Department does, however, welcome and encourage asylum seekers already residing in the State to participate in volunteer activity.
  5. Potential volunteers may be selected at random for Garda vetting before acceptance into the programme. Volunteers working with children and certain vulnerable adults are required to be Garda vetted. This includes many participating in the Visual Arts Internship Programme.
  6. The Volunteer Manager reserves the right to refuse acceptance into the programme to anyone deemed unsuitable for volunteering for any reason.
  7. Interaction between the GIAF Volunteer Department and its volunteers is to remain professional and courteous at all times.
  8. Volunteers are not permitted to consume alcohol while on duty. Smoking is permitted only on smoke breaks in designated areas.
  9. In accordance with the Volunteer Department’s Grievance Policy, volunteers are encouraged to contact a member of the Department staff with any complaints, questions or concerns using the email addresses and mobile numbers provided. Volunteers may also request a face-to-face meeting. If the volunteer wishes to remain anonymous, he or she may write to the Volunteer Department.
  10. Anyone who suspects wrongdoing on the part of Galway International Arts Festival, the GIAF Volunteer Department or any of its employees has a legal right to report the issue without retaliation by these parties. Reports should be made to the Volunteer Manager or to another member of the executive management team in good faith and without ill intention.


Application, Training and Certification

  1. The minimum age for registered GIAF volunteers is 18. No one under 18 will be accepted.
  2. Volunteers must be registered in the Department’s Better Impact volunteer management system, a process completed during application. Upon registration, each volunteer gains access to an individualised volunteer portal, within which volunteer scheduling takes place.
  3. All volunteers must sign the Volunteer Agreement and provide contact details of an individual the Volunteer Department may contact in case of emergency.
  4. Volunteers must attend one induction evening, during which is offered critical training materials and other information necessary for satisfactory completion of volunteer duties. If a volunteer is not able to attend, online training is available through Better Impact.
  5. Volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their duties are entitled to a certificate upon request.


For more information regarding GIAF Volunteer Department activities, see the Volunteer Handbook 2019, provided in the Document Library section of each volunteer’s Better Impact volunteer portal. For any further enquiries, contact the relevant staff person below:


GIAF Volunteer Department

+353 91 509 700


Carly Zimmerman Volunteer Manager

O: +353 91 547 006

M: +353 83 162 5432


Meadhbh Lyons Volunteer Coordinator

+353 83 169 2499


Niamh Ni Fhlatharta Volunteer Assistant

+353 83 842 9086

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