Volunteer Expectations and guidelines

Expectations and Guidelines for Volunteers

Background Studies- Because we work with vulnerable adults, you will be required to provide information for a background check. Department of Human Services will require you to get fingerprinted and photographed.

Tuberculosis Testing- Presbyterian Homes requires a TB Gold blood test for all Hospice volunteers

Basic Expectations

Name Tags-You will receive a name badge. In our Care Centers, the use of nametags is a state regulation.

Appearance and Apparel- Your choice of dress and appearance must be respectful of the values and expectations of those we serve. Generally, volunteers should wear conservative and clean attire. Dressing neatly and appropriately for their assigned duty. Examples of inappropriate dress include short shorts, jeans with stains, tears, or holes, revealing tops, and t-shirts with saying that may be found offensive. Dress should not distract from good customer service.

Scheduling and Supervision- We strive to keep the lines of communication open between our volunteers, volunteer supervisors, and the Volunteer Director. The Volunteer Director is your resource for enhancing your volunteer experience to increase your skills and effectiveness. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Time Away - If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to volunteer during a specific time frame, please let us know as soon as you can so we can update your Volunteer Care Plan.

Illness - If you are ill, please do not come to volunteer. If you have vomited or have had a fever within the past 36 hours; or have a persistent and uncontrollable cough, you should not have direct contact with our residents.

Record Keeping - Recording your volunteer hours is very important, both in the community and if volunteering at home. The recording of volunteer hours is required by Medicare for all Hospice volunteers.

Social Media- is everywhere, with its increased use - we felt we needed to share with you some pointer around using social media as a PHS volunteer. Volunteers are not able to photograph residents without their (and sometimes their family's) written permission. When posting about your volunteer experience, please do not tag residents or their family members in any of your social media posts, also avoid using names and other forms of PHI in your media posts.

We want you to know that we want you to know that you can share your experience with others and still keep our residents safe. The key to sharing stories about your experiences is not using the residents' full name or assigning them a another name when speaking about them to family and friends.

Residents Cares-  We ask that volunteers do not assist residents with personal care tasks. Personal care tasks could include, but are not limited to, feeding, toileting, clipping nails, brushing teeth, dressing/undressing, or transferring from one piece of furniture to another if wheelchair dependent. We also ask that volunteers refrain from assisting with distribution of Medicine and Food.

Accepting Gifts- It is a policy of PHS that individuals (volunteers and employees) are prohibited from accepting gifts from residents and clients.

No Selling or Solicitation- Volunteers should not use their volunteer role within Presbyterian Homes and Services to enhance or promote their business or make profits off our residents and their families. This includes but isn't limited to Direct Marketing Companies as well as service companies.

Dismissal- If a volunteer engages in offensive behavior at PHS, management will intervene as appropriate to the circumstance.

(1) If you feel you are being harassed, report it to the Volunteer Director

(2) If inappropriate behavior is observed by you, report it to the Volunteer Director

(3) We do not tolerate any kind of harassment while volunteering.

(4) Evidence of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

(5) Disruptive, abusive, or inappropriate conduct.

(6) Excessive absences without notification.

(7) Criminal acts including, but not limited to, theft. Selling or Soliciting, Violating any policies or regulations discussed above.

Emergency Procedures- Each Presbyterian Homes campus has a fire and severe weather plan specific to their community. Because you are a volunteer, you will be under the supervision and direction of our staff.

Resident Distress- If you find a resident who is in distress, remain calm. Get help, when applicable. Do not lift them. Check with your Volunteer Supervisor or Director for more detailed information.

Resident Call Systems- Residents in Independent Living and Assisted Living may be wearing or be in possession of a pendant that can be used to alert clinical staff of an emergency of another care or service need. You can assist them in using this pendant. Residents of our care center each have a call light in their room to alert clinical staff when they have a need.

Animal (Pet) Visiting- It is the policy of Presbyterian Homes and Services to allow companion animals and pets to visit the facilities and grounds. The owner of the pet animal is responsible for the behavior of the animal while on PHS property.

Personal Injury, Liability, and Insurance- If a volunteer is injured while working in the scope of their volunteer duties on behalf of PHS, the volunteer's health insurance is considered primary coverage. PHS insurance may, in some cases, be secondary coverage. Immediately report any personal injury or accidents while volunteering to your Volunteer Director or to the receptionist on duty. Insurance may not provide coverage if the injury is not reported on the day that it occurs. An incident report form must be completed and kept on file.

Tax Deductions- We encourage you to consult your personal tax adviser regarding any deductions related to your volunteer service.

Smoking and Tobacco Use- Presbyterian Homes and Services grounds are tobacco-free. No smoking or tobacco use is allowed in any building.

Drugs and Alcohol- Possessing and/or using drugs or alcohol in any form is prohibited during your volunteer shift.

Weapons- Weapons may not be brought onto the grounds or into our buildings.



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