Volunteer Code of Conduct

Thank you for agreeing to be part of the Rocky Mountain Adaptive Volunteer team. We look forward to welcoming you in your chosen activity(ies). Prior to volunteering, we require to take a read through our Code of Conduct. 


The Rocky Mountain Adaptive (RMA) Code of Conduct (Code) applies to all volunteers. This Code reflects a commitment to the organisations values and provides a framework to guide ethical conduct in a way that upholds the integrity and reputation of the agency. You are expected to behave in a way that aligns with this Code. RMA understands that this Code does not cover every specific scenario. Therefore, you should use the spirit and intent behind this Code to guide this conduct, and exercise care and diligence in the course of your work with the agency.

To demonstrate commitment to transparency and accountability, this Code is available to the public on this website.


  1. I will act with impartiality and integrity.
  2. I will demonstrate respect and accountability.


These principles will guide my behaviour and decisions:

  • My actions and decisions are made to promote the public interest and to advance the mandate and long-term interests of RMA.
  • To serve the public interest, I have a responsibility to uphold RMA’s Mission & Vision.
  • I have a responsibility to act in good faith and to place the interests of the RMA above our own private interests.
  • I will behave in a way that demonstrates that my behaviour and actions are fair and reasonable in the circumstance.
  • I understand that the Code applies to all RMA members unless a specific exemption is granted.
  • I encourage my colleagues to act fairly and ethically and know that I am able to raise concerns about a suspected breach by another to my supervisor.


Behavioural standards help us make appropriate decisions when the issues we face involve ethical considerations. Behavioural standards cannot cover all scenarios but provide guidance in support of day-to-day decisions. I agree to adhere to the following standards:

  • I must not engage in any criminal activity and comply with all relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • I must not use my status or position within RMA to influence or gain a benefit or advantage for myself, my family or my business associates
  • My conduct contributes to a safe and healthy workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment or violence.
  • I must take reasonable steps to avoid situations where we may be placed in a real or apparent conflict between my private interests and the interests of the agency.
  • Align myself with the Alpine Responsibility Code (if working/volunteering during the winter ski/snowboard season).
  • I will never:
      • Harass, abuse, threaten, or attack individuals or groups;
      • Use drugs or alcohol while employed or volunteering with RMA;
      • that affects my performance and safety or the performance and safety of our colleagues, or that negatively impacts the reputation or operations of the agency.
      • Use language that is derogatory, unprofessional, or disrespectful;
      • Post any social media content anything that is harmful to minors, obscene/pornographic, objectionable, or that violates any Canadian law;
    • Infringe on the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties.


  • I will respect and protect confidential information and use it only for the work of RMA. I will comply with protocols that guide the collection, storage, use, transmission and disclosure of information.
  • Once I have left RMA, I will not disclose confidential information that I became aware of during my time with RMA and must not use contact information with former colleagues to gain an unfair advantage for my current circumstance.


  • I understand that I will have limited use of the RMA’s premises and equipment for authorized incidental purposes.
  • I will take care of all RMA property, including physical locations and equipment.


  • I am aware I should report a potential breach of this Code by another to my supervisor. When reporting a potential breach in good faith and with reasonable grounds, I am protected from retaliation for such reporting.
  • Once a potential breach has been reported, the RMA’s procedures for responding to and managing a potential breach will be promptly initiated. RMA Admin will review the circumstance and details of the potential breach and will notify the alleged member or employee.
  • If I require advice and guidance in determining whether misconduct or a conflict exists, or need clarification, I may discuss my issue with my supervisor or RMA Admin staff.
  • I understand that when I become aware of a real or apparent conflict of interest, I must, at the first opportunity, disclose this conflict to my supervisor.
  • I understand that disclosure itself does not remove a conflict of interest.
  • I understand that breaches of this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal (applies to volunteers or board members) or termination (employees)
  • I understand that if I have any questions about the Code, or am not sure how to apply these principles, I should consult with my supervisor.


Abuse of any Code will result in the following disciplinary process. First infraction receives a warning. A second infraction will receive a secondary warning. Actions that continue to violate the code of conduct and do not receive approval will result in a third infraction and possible termination of employment or volunteer role.

Thank you of taking the time to read our Code of Conduct. The RMA Code of Conduct is intended to make everyone’s experience a safe and enjoyable one.  

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