Volunteer Handbook

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*Please read our Volunteer Handbook before creating a profile and submitting your application


Volunteer Handbook




On behalf of the San Diego Blood Bank staff and the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you and thank you for volunteering your time to help our community.  I am happy you have joined our San Diego Blood Bank family.


You are an important part of a superb team that has provided the highest quality blood services to the San Diego area for almost 70 years.  I’m certain that your abilities and enthusiasm will help us as we continue to collect the Gift of Life and distribute it to the hospitals we serve.  Your professional skills and genuine concern for others will also assist us in strengthening our relationships with our donors and customers.  At the same time, we hope to provide you with an environment that allows you to not only look forward to your work, but to enrich your life and the lives of others.

This volunteer handbook has been prepared to assist you in becoming familiar with our organization, its policies, procedures and other work-related matters.  We want to ensure that you understand your responsibilities.

Please take the time to read this handbook.  Your supervisor will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Again, welcome to our organization!  I hope your service with the San Diego Blood Bank will be both a rewarding and satisfying experience.

David Wellis, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement

Saving lives with quality blood services in partnership with the community.

Volunteer Engagement Philosophy

Volunteers are one of the greatest resources we have at the San Diego Blood Bank. People like you, who give their time, energy, and talents to provide help and inspire hope, are essential to our ability to deliver quality blood products and excellent customer service.

We are committed to creating opportunities for the community to be involved in our work, and many of our programs would not be able to carry out their goals if volunteers were not involved.

Our volunteers are priceless.

Benefits of Volunteering with San Diego Blood Bank

As a volunteer with San Diego Blood Bank, you will have the opportunity to provide service with the organization’s principles including:

  • Customer Service to our blood donors and people in the community.
  • The priority of the common good.
  • The importance of privacy and discretion.
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to a larger effort in the pursuit to save lives throughout Southern California and beyond.

We strive to provide our volunteers with a positive and safe work environment, training, supervision, evaluation, and recognition. In return, we expect you to honor your commitments to the organization, respect other staff members and volunteers alike. Provide exceptional customer service with all donors and perform your assigned duties to the best of your abilities.


We can achieve our mission by living our “Why” - inspiring the heroes who donate and infusing hope to those who receive our products. We also focus on our “How” - Acting as the Stewards of Donor Intent by living a culture that focuses on the following core values (STAR-IQ):


  • We exist to serve others with compassion and professionalism and to make a positive impact in our community.


  • We recognize that communication is central to all we do each day.
  • We break down walls and work together to reach our goals.
  • We celebrate and show appreciation for each other’s contributions.
  • We seek out ways to support one another.


  • We are motivated to act without hesitation when something needs to be done.
  • We are proactive rather than reactive.
  • We take ownership of our mistakes and work to correct them quickly.
  • We follow through on commitments made.


  • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We have compassion in all interactions. 
  • We appreciate all individual differences without judgment.


  • We are honest, transparent and trustworthy.
  • We do what is right even when no one is watching.  
  • We lead by example, always demonstrating the behaviors we want to see in others.


  • We adapt to change, and act based on facts.
  • We constantly learn, develop our knowledge and skills and look for ways to improve.
  • We take pride in all we do and uphold the highest standards of safety and excellence. 

Definition of a Volunteer

You are considered a volunteer if you, without compensation, perform a service at the direction of and on behalf of San Diego Blood Bank.

As a volunteer, you will be accepted officially and enrolled by San Diego Blood Bank prior to performance of your tasks. San Diego Blood Bank welcomes adults, youth, families, and groups to volunteer within San Diego Blood Bank’s programs and does not discriminate against any volunteer because of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

Minors as Volunteers

Volunteers under the age of 18 who wish to participate in an ongoing volunteer opportunity must have written permission of a parent or guardian before they may begin service. The volunteer tasks assigned to a minor shall be performed in a non-hazardous environment and shall comply with all appropriate requirements of child labor laws.

Group Volunteers

Many of San Diego Blood Bank programs accept one-time volunteer service from groups, including high school and college service groups, church groups, and employees on corporate service days. In these instances, the Special Event Volunteer Contact Sheet is used in lieu of the formal agency application, and no interview is required. Youth may participate in one-time group volunteering activities with the permission and supervision of their leaders. Group leaders assume responsibility for obtaining any necessary parent/guardian permission.

Volunteering vs. Interning

As opposed to most volunteer opportunities, internships are primarily educational experiences with an emphasis on learning academic or career-related skills. In accordance with Council on Accreditation (COA) standards, interns will be directly supervised by licensed or otherwise accountable professionals. Interns may receive academic credit for their experiences if they arrange this with their school ahead of time.

Classification of Volunteers

According to the Council on Accreditation, there are several ways to classify volunteers.

Ongoing Volunteers (regularly scheduled)

  • When a volunteer accepts a position with a regular schedule, they will be considered an ongoing volunteer after serving consistently for six months (or another pre-determined length of assignment, (i.e., summer vacation).

Special Events Volunteer (occasional)

  • People who serve as volunteers only once or occasionally in an event situation are considered special event or occasional volunteers.

Direct service volunteers

  • Provide service directly to clients. There may be additional screening requirements for these volunteers.

Volunteer Team Leaders

  • Volunteer team leaders supervise other volunteers.

Professional Volunteers

  • Professional volunteers are those who provide a volunteer service using their license, registration, or certification as required by the profession. These credentials must be current if they are providing that professional skill as a volunteer. There may be additional screening requirements for these volunteers.

Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

As a volunteer, you will be given an opportunity description outlining the specific responsibilities of your role. It is your responsibility to read about your position, gain an understanding of the requirements, and seek any necessary clarification from your supervisor. Signing the Volunteer Agreement Form demonstrates that you are aware of the duties your position entails and agree to perform them to the best of your abilities.


San Diego Blood Bank uses a variety of different methods to recruit volunteers. You may find us reaching out to potential volunteers via our website, through other internet volunteering sites and social media platforms, in print publications, and by word of mouth. We also encourage you to let your friends and family know about our volunteering opportunities.


As a volunteer, you will be required to complete an online application. If you are participating as a volunteer in a onetime event, you will need to fill out the Special Event Volunteer Contact Sheet, providing us with your contact information and emergency contact information.


Each volunteer position at San Diego Blood Bank requires an interview with a Volunteer Services staff member. Interviews are intended to help volunteers with clarification of the opportunity and offers the prospective volunteer the chance to ask questions they may have. If you are participating as a volunteer in a onetime event, then an interview before the event may not be necessary.

Aspects of Volunteering

Orientation & Training

All prospective volunteers will be required to complete an orientation through San Diego Blood Bank’s Better Impact volunteer web page. As a new volunteer, we will provide you with a self-paced orientation and the necessary training required.


As a volunteer, you will have a clearly identified supervisor who will directly oversee your role within the program. This supervisor will be available to you for consultation and assistance. One-time volunteers will also be informed of their supervisor in case questions or problems arise. The Manager and Coordinator of Volunteer Services will be the point of contact throughout the application and orientation process and to support you throughout your service.


Photos may be taken of you to be used in promotions, recruiting, San Diego Blood Bank publicity or volunteer opportunities. If you don’t want your photo taken, please let the photographer know. Otherwise, you agree to having your photo used. If you are a volunteer photographer taking the photos, please abide by volunteers wishes to not be photographed.  Understand that you will not receive compensation for time or photography supplies. Time spent taking/processing/transferring photos should be recorded as volunteer time in the online system.

Record Maintenance & Volunteer Time Reports

Keeping track of the time given by our volunteers is very important to us. Some volunteer positions are more independent and require volunteers to keep track of their own hours which they must then report back to their supervisor.

Corrective Action

In appropriate situations, corrective action may be taken following an incident or evaluation. Examples of corrective action include the requirement of additional training, re-assignment of a volunteer to a new position, suspension of the volunteer, or dismissal from volunteer service.

Concerns & Grievances

Decisions involving corrective action of a volunteer will be reviewed for appropriateness by the Manager of Volunteer Services, VP of Human Resources and/or the Coordinator of Volunteer Services. If corrective action is taken, the volunteer shall be informed of the procedures for expressing his/her concern or grievance. A volunteer can provide a written request to air his/her concerns to the Manager or the Coordinator of Volunteer Services.


If you are a volunteer with ongoing responsibilities, you may be given an annual evaluation in accordance with Council on Accreditation standards. “Occasional” volunteers will receive evaluations only upon request of the volunteer.


As a volunteer, you are an essential part of our organization. Therefore, we believe it is very important to recognize the time and effort that you put into your service. Recognition opportunities will occur monthly and though a Tiered system.

Participation Guidelines

Drug Free Policy

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance is not allowed at any San Diego Blood Bank fixed or mobile sites. Additionally, volunteers may not be impaired by any substance while serving. Such action may result in your immediate dismissal from the volunteer position.

Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking by our employees, volunteers, clients, or vendors in any interior offices or spaces of any building occupied by San Diego Blood Bank is not allowed. There is also no smoking permitted within 20 feet of any entryway, vent, or doorway to interior buildings.

Property Policy

As a volunteer at San Diego Blood Bank, you will respect the property of San Diego Blood Bank and the personal property of other volunteers and staff.

Safety Policy

San Diego Blood Bank is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for staff and volunteers as well as donors and other members of the community. It is essential that you follow all safety protocols and procedures related to each volunteer opportunity.

Harassment Policy

San Diego Blood Bank is committed to a work environment that is professional and harassment-free for all employees and volunteers. Harassment includes, without limitations, verbal, physical, visual, and innuendo. It also includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical contact and other verbal or physical conduct, or visual forms of harassment of sexual nature when submission to such conduct is either explicitly or implicitly made a term or condition of employment or is used as the basis for unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment for employees and volunteers. Volunteers should report any issues to their supervisor.

Confidentiality Policy

San Diego Blood Bank recognizes confidentiality as a living principle based on the sanctity and dignity of the human person. Therefore, San Diego Blood Bank will respect the privacy of personal information of our donors, volunteers, and staff alike. You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all information to which you are exposed while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves donors, staff members, volunteers, or other people or involves overall program or San Diego Blood Bank business. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in termination or other corrective action.

Dress Code

As a volunteer, you are responsible for presenting a positive image to our donors and to the community as a representative of San Diego Blood Bank. You should dress appropriately for the conditions and performance of your duties. These include:

  • Always wear your SDBB nametag while volunteering.
  • All clothing should be clean and in good repair.
  • All clothing should be appropriately fitting and of an appropriate material so as not to expose undergarments, the body core and private areas even when stretching, reaching, bending, sitting or stooping.

Not Excepted

  • Tank tops, spaghetti strap or strapless tops.
  • Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or stretch pants (unless as leg covering under a long shirt/skirt/dress.)
  • Sweatpants, sweatshirts or other workout style attire such as Under Armor or jogging pants.
  • Flip-Flops or Slippers (safety hazard of tripping/slipping/falling).


  • Hair should be kept clean and neatly groomed. 
  • Non-natural hair color, color accents, hair jewelry, and hair decorations are permitted if they are maintained neatly and do not detract from the professional appearance.
  • Facial hair (mustaches, beards, sideburns) should be kept clean and neatly groomed.

Body Art/ Tattoos

  • No facial piercings except for a small stud-type nose piercing.
  • No facial tattoos.
  • No obscene or vulgar visible tattoos (to include socially defined curse words, offensive pictures, or symbols). Examples of those include (but not limited to):

Swastikas, guns, knives, other weapons

  • Pictures of nudes or naked private body parts

Ending Volunteer Service

Resignation & Leave of Absence

Your volunteer position may conclude after a certain project, event, or set time period, but you are also free to end your volunteer service with San Diego Blood Bank at any time. Because volunteers are so important to our organization, we ask that you provide advance notice for your departure and reason for your decision.


You may be terminated from your position as a volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some of these include: gross misconduct or insubordination, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, theft of property or misuse of San Diego Blood Bank equipment or materials, abuse or mistreatment of donors, staff, or volunteers, failure to abide by San Diego Blood Bank policies and procedures, failure to meet physical or mental standards of performance, and failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties.

Exit Surveys

When you leave your position, you will be given an opportunity to fill out an exit survey detailing why you are ending your service. The exit survey is also a great place to give us any further comments about your experience and to provide any potential ideas for improvements.



Once again, we truly appreciate your willingness to volunteer with

San Diego Blood Bank!

For questions or more information about this handbook, please contact the Manager of Volunteer Services at  (619) 400-8135 or via email at eojeda@sdbb.org 

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