Confidentiality & Volunteer Agreement/Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Principles


We are looking forward to having you volunteer with JFCS East Bay.  If you have questions prior to completing the application, please email  

Please read the following agreement before checking the acknowledgement box below. 

Confidentiality Agreement 

In California, failure to maintain client information as confidential is considered a violation of privacy. Volunteers are acting on behalf of JFCS East Bay and are therefore subject to the same requirements and laws regarding confidentiality as employed staff.

Confidential information includes

  1. The fact that a person is or has been a client of JFCS East Bay
  2. Any information given to the volunteer in confidence by the client
  3. Any information about the client, their issues and treatment or contact with the agency

Confidentiality does not include:  suspected child abuse, elder abuse or intent to physically harm another person or oneself. (The Volunteer Manager should be called immediately if these issues arise.) Our agency is a mandated reporter of these issues.

Basic principles of confidentiality:

  1. All information divulged by a client to an agency representative is held in the strictest of confidence; clients of JFCS East Bay are guaranteed this protection by California State law.
  2. The volunteer shares information about a client only with the client’s caseworker, Volunteer Manager, or other authorized volunteers connected with the client.
  3. A volunteer should not communicate confidential information to anyone outside of JFCS East Bay.
  4. Breach of confidentiality is sufficient grounds for termination of volunteer staff.   
  5. I agree to comply with the above principles:                                                               

Volunteer Agreement

In offering my services as a volunteer for Jewish Family and Community Services East Bay, I understand the responsibilities that I am undertaking. As a volunteer, I agree to:

  1. Be responsible for full client confidentiality as described in the Confidentiality Agreement.
  2. Upon request, contact both the Volunteer Manager and Case Manager by e-mail after each of the first 6 visits I have with the client (if I am individually placed with a client).  I will do this in order to assure that the match is successful. In addition, after several visits with the client, I will meet with the Volunteer Services Manager to check in.
  3. Have ongoing contact with the Volunteer Manager and Case Manager regarding my volunteer work and how it is going with the client. After the initial weekly contact, I will send in an update about once a month.
  4. Attend some volunteer meetings, as they are announced, in the calendar year.
  5. If I am driving a client, I have a valid California driver’s license, and my vehicle is in safe mechanical condition. I carry car insurance meeting the California minimum requirements for personal injuries and for property damage, and will provide a copy of insurance and driver’s license upon request. I also understand that I may not for any reason allow the client to drive my car (this is for liability purposes).
  6. I understand that I carry full responsibility for any passenger in my car associated with JFCS East Bay. This means that if I agree to drive a client, I understand that all liability is carried by my own car insurance. Upon request, I will  provide a copy of my current proof of insurance to the Volunteer Manager.
  7. I work under the supervision of the assigned JFCS East Bay staff. I will bring issues and concerns about work that I do, and any concerns I have, to the staff as needed.
  8. I Understand that I am not expected to spend my own personal funds during my placement with the client. I am not required to spend any money.
  9. I attest that I am fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and that I will take all required safety precautions while volunteering with JFCS East Bay.
  10. I will log my approximate volunteer hours on this volunteer portal at least monthly.
  11. I grant Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay my permission to use and reproduce, in print or electronic format, photographs of me taken of me for promotional and educational uses, without compensation. I agree that Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay may use such photographs of me (without printing my last name) for any lawful purpose including, but not limited to: direct mail appeals, newspapers, brochures, websites, social media, newsletters, annual reports, ads and other marketing communications materials. I understand that have the option to opt out of photographs upon request.  

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Principles

As an agency that provides refugee resettlement services, we are required by our funders - and our own ethical standards - to require that all staff and volunteers agree to abide by the following principles related to sexual exploitation and abuse, developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (an inter-agency forum of United Nations (UN) and non-UN humanitarian partners).

1. “Sexual exploitation and abuse by humanitarian workers constitute acts of gross misconduct and are therefore, grounds for termination of employment.

2. Sexual activity with children (persons under the age of 18) is prohibited regardless of the age of majority or age of consent locally. Mistaken belief regarding the age of a child is not a defense.

3. Exchange of money, employment, goods, or services for sex, including sexual favors or other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behavior is prohibited. This includes exchange of assistance that is due to beneficiaries.

4. Any sexual relationship between those providing humanitarian assistance and protection and a person benefitting from such humanitarian assistance and protection that involves improper use of rank or position is prohibited. Such relationships undermine the credibility and integrity of humanitarian aid work.

5. Where a humanitarian worker develops concerns or suspicions regarding sexual abuse or exploitation by a fellow worker, whether in the same agency or not, he or she must report such concerns via established agency reporting mechanisms.

6. Humanitarian workers are obliged to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promote the implementation of their code of conduct. Managers at all levels have particular responsibilities to support and develop systems which maintain this environment.”


Thank you for following the policies and principles set forth by JFCS East Bay.


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