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Confidentiality agreement

As a volunteer, I agree to confidentially guard any information of a personal nature concerning community members or their families that may be revealed to me during my volunteer duties.  “Confidential” means that you must not reveal clients’ names or talk about them to anyone else in ways that could make their identity known to others.  Confidentiality is a core value in providing safe and ethical health and social services. Our board of directors, staff and community are counting on you as a volunteer to abide to this agreement. Respecting confidentiality also helps protect you from any personal liability. Failure to comply may lead to dismissal from your volunteer duties.

Also, by signing up as a volunteer, you understand that you are providing JH Partners with your personal contact information. JH Partners respects your privacy. We collect this information solely for the program to which you are registering. We will never share your personal information with anyone else without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.

More information on confidentiality will be provided in the Volunteer Guide offered to all new volunteers of the Saint-Brigid’s Home. We also invite you to read our full Governance Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, which you can view at any time on our websites: and

Duty of care

We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of our clients. You have, therefore, been asked to provide your birth date so that we may conduct a standard police check (level: background check).

I understand and authorize the Volunteer Coordinator to check my record. I understand that the information will remain confidential and will be read only by authorized individuals in accordance with privacy legislation as necessary to respect the organization’s Duty of Care.


Jeffery Hale Community Partners carries general liability insurance that covers you during the volunteer activities you conduct on behalf of the Centre. Community Services also protects its volunteers through CNESST. Volunteers are covered in most areas, with two important exceptions:

1.  Volunteers are not trained medical professionals. You must NEVER perform a medical procedure or give medications, not even an aspirin. This is to protect everyone from mishaps: you, the volunteer, the client and the Wellness Centre.

2. Community Partners’ insurance does not cover volunteers’ personal vehicles. If you use your own car to do your volunteer work (such as driving a client to a medical appointment), then you must tell your insurance company.


I declare and acknowledge that all the tasks I will perform will be performed without remuneration.

False statement

A false statement or omission of fact may be sufficient cause for rejection of my application or dismissal.


By checking the box below, I agree to these policies and that a background/criminal record check will be conducted. 

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