Volunteer Agreement and Liability Waiver

Terms and Conditions

  1. My services to HSPPR are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity as a Volunteer, and without any express or implied promise of salary, compensation or other payment of any kind whatsoever. My services are furnished without any employment-type benefits, including vacations, sick time, employment insurance programs or worker’s compensation accrual in any form.
  2. I will familiarize myself and comply with HSPPR’s policies and procedures applicable to Volunteers. In particular, I fully understand that HSPPR expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment of the animals under its care. I will strictly adhere to these standards in my capacity as a Volunteer.
  3. I will support the decisions of staff and management. I will address my concerns in a positive and constructive manner at all times. If I have questions or concerns with staff, volunteers or HSPPR policies or procedures, I will address my concerns with the Volunteer Department Staff in a timely manner. With the intention of contributing to a positive and effective work environment and good morale between both volunteers and staff, I will not attempt to undermine the authority or credibility of staff or other volunteers by being disrespectful or spreading inaccurate information.
  4. I accept that I am not a professional representative of or spokesperson for HSPPR, unless specifically designated by HSPPR as part of my volunteer responsibilities. I understand that only appropriate staff representatives may speak with the press with regards to HSPPR.
  5. I will attend required HSPPR volunteer trainings for the sake of safety, knowledge and continuity.
  6. I understand that if I do not volunteer for three consecutive months, my status will change from “active” to “inactive.” If I wish to return to the shelter as a volunteer, I will then need to contact the program coordinator or Volunteer Department Staff. I understand that I may be required to attend another New Volunteer Orientation, necessary specialized trainings, a state required home inspection for fosters, and/or complete appropriate volunteer paperwork to become an “active” volunteer.
  7. I also acknowledge that I have the right to terminate my relationship with the shelter at any time, with or without advance notice or cause. Furthermore, I understand that my opportunity to volunteer is at the sole discretion of HSPPR management and that HSPPR, without notice or hearing, may terminate my services as a Volunteer at any time, with or without reason.



All HSPPR records and information about HSPPR, its employees, customers, suppliers and vendors are to be kept confidential and divulged only to individuals within the organization with both a need to receive and authorization to receive the information. I acknowledge that I may have access to confidential information as a Volunteer. Confidential Information includes but is not limited to information regarding animals in the care of HSPPR; donors, customers, staff and volunteers, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses; internal memos and information on animals not currently available for adoption; the final disposition of an animal; financial information; strategies; practices; agreements with other organizations; and any other information deemed for internal purposes only.

I agree not to directly or indirectly disclose or use for my benefit or the benefit of any other person or entity other than HSPPR any such confidential information. Additionally, documents or records containing or reflecting confidential information prepared by or provided to volunteers, and all copies in any medium, are the property of HSPPR. Volunteers are not to use any of HSPPR’s property for any purpose not related to the performance of their duties.


  1. I understand that the handling of animals and other Volunteer activities on behalf of HSPPR, or through any additional third party including but not limited to Petco and Petsmart, may place me in a hazardous situation and could result in injury to me or my personal property. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives and assigns, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless HSPPR, or any third party, and its directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates from any and all claims, causes of action and demands of any nature, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with my Volunteer activities on behalf of HSPPR. By signing below, I hereby release any third party through, which I may participate via HSPPR, of responsibility. I agree to follow appropriate guidelines and safety precautions as directed by these organizations to limit inherent risk associated as a Volunteer.”
  2. I understand that HSPPR is not responsible in the unlikely event of any personal pets becoming ill while I am volunteering for or at HSPPR. Prevention measures will be discussed in detail throughout training, and it is my responsibility to perform these measures responsibly. I understand that it is important that all of my personal pets are current on all of their shots. Also, I know that it is necessary that I wash my hands thoroughly before leaving HSPPR, take my shoes off before I enter my house, and change my clothes before I socialize with my personal pets. If I perform all of these measures, it is highly unlikely that my personal pets should become ill. However, if they do become ill, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless HSPPR and its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims.
  3. Understanding that public relations is an important part of a Volunteer’s activities on behalf of HSPPR, I hereby authorize HSPPR to use any photographs of me in its possession for public relation purposes. I ask that HSPPR use reasonable efforts to give me advance notice of any such use, but such notification is not a condition to release photographs for public relations purposes.


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