Organization Policies

Code of Ethics
As a volunteer to the City of Surrey, I agree to adhere to this Code of Ethics at all times in my service to the citizens of the City:

I pledge to:

1. Be on time for my volunteer shift, and provide my supervisor with as much notice as possible if I am unable to attend an assigned shift;

2. Abide by all written policies and guidelines provided to me;

3. Accept orientation and training in order to provide quality service;

4. Accept supervision in the performance of my duties;

5. Perform all assigned tasks to the best of my ability, and not report to work while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;

6. Treat with courtesy each individual with whom I come into contact and behave in keeping with the City's Respectful Workplace Policy and Human Rights Policy;

7. Obey all laws and regulations, including traffic laws, while volunteering for the City; and

8. Bring my best skills and abilities to my volunteer work and promote the City of Surrey.

Confidentiality Agreement

1. I acknowledge that as a volunteer I may acquire information from the City and/or other parties, about certain City matters which are of a confidential nature and that this information is the exclusive property of the City and is only to be used for the benefit of the City. I also acknowledge that in some circumstances I may be given access to the personal information of others and that the disclosure of this information is not permitted.

2. I acknowledge that the information referred to above could be used to the detriment of the City and its volunteer activities and will treat as confidential all information, contacts and resources which I acquire as a volunteer. I agree not to disclose this information to any third party either during the term I am volunteering for the City or at any time after my term ends unless required by law to do so.

3. I agree that any knowledge gained as a result of my position will remain in strictest confidence.

4. I agree to exercise due care to ensure that any information I may give to others in the course of my duties as a volunteer or otherwise is information that is required to be given and is given to a party entitled to receive the information.

5. I agree I will not discuss the details of my volunteer work with any representatives of the media or publicize any of the confidential aspects of my work verbally or in writing or by any other medium of communication.

Photo Opportunities
Give us your best smile! We like to show everyone how much fun our events and programs are, so we have friendly staff photographers taking pictures from time to time. These pictures are used for our Recreation Guide, as well as brochures and other promotional materials. If you object to having your picture taken, please let the photographer or staff know.

Personal Information
Personal Information is collected for the purposes of processing and managing your Volunteer Application. The City of Surrey is collecting this information under s.26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For questions regarding the collection of personal information, please contact Sheri Masaro, Community Services Coordinator, 13450 104th Avenue, 604-598-5889.

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