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All volunteer applications are reviewed individually in order to help you select the best match to meet your interests. Selection and placement is based on our current needs, your skills and interests, and your demonstrated commitment to animals. Selection is not guaranteed.

I desire to enter property owned or operated by SPCA Tampa Bay (the “Property”) in order to participate in SPCA Tampa Bay’s operations as a volunteer, and agree as follows:


  1. SPCA Tampa Bay operates an open-admission animal shelter. As a volunteer, I may interact with animals that have not been deemed suitable for adoption, are wild animals, and/or exhibit unpredictable or dangerous behavior. I agree that my interaction with any animal on the Property is a dangerous activity (a “Dangerous Activity”).  I know that Dangerous Activities involve inherent risks and dangers, and may lead to serious bodily harm, injury, or even death, and I nevertheless volunteer to participate in dangerous activities at my own risk.  I am in sufficient physical condition to participate in Dangerous Activities. I have sufficient health, accident and liability insurance to cover any injury or damage I may incur during my participation in any Dangerous Activity. I am sufficiently experienced to evaluate the risks related to Dangerous Activities without guidance or specific instruction from SPCA Tampa Bay employees. I will alert SPCA Tampa Bay employees if I determine a Dangerous Activity poses too much risk.


  1. I hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue SPCA Tampa Bay, or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, or employees (collectively, “Released Parties”), from any and all liability to me or my parents, children, assigns, heirs, or successors, related to any loss, damage, or injury I suffer, including my death, while I am on the Property, serving as a volunteer, and/or performing any Dangerous Activity, whether or not caused by the negligence of any of the Released Parties. 


  1. I hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Released Parties from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by any of the Released Parties in connection with (i) any negligent, reckless, or willful act I commit, (ii) any action I take in violation of any rules or instructions provided to me by any SPCA Tampa Bay employee, and/or (iii) any liability (or underlying event or action) that is released, waived, or discharged pursuant to Section 2 of this agreement.


  1. My position as a volunteer is unpaid and does not create an employment relationship or any rights under any workers’ compensation or other insurance policy covering SPCA Tampa Bay’s employees. I permit SPCA Tampa Bay to use any videos or photographs of me while volunteering at the SPCA for marketing or other purposes.


  1. As a volunteer, I may become exposed to non-public personal information (“Confidential Information”), including phone numbers, addresses, activities and gifts made by employees, donors, customers and other volunteers. I will not share any Confidential Information with any person, other than as necessary to fulfill my role as a volunteer, without the express written permission of SPCA Tampa Bay.


  1. I authorize SPCA Tampa Bay to seek emergency medical treatment for me (at my expense) in the event deemed appropriate by SPCA Tampa Bay or any of its employees. 


  1. I agree to serve as a volunteer and commit to: Perform volunteer duties to the best of my ability; follow all rules, procedures and record keeping requirements; meet time and duty commitments or provide adequate notice so alternate arrangements can be made; act as a team member responsible for accomplishing the Mission of the organization; and be respectful of the skills and decisions of the professional SPCA Tampa Bay staff.

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