Terms & Conditions for Volunteering

Welcome to Parramatta Mission Volunteering! Thank you for expressing your interest in being a part of the team. Volunteers are engaged by Parramatta Mission under the terms and conditions of the following policies and requirements, we appreciate your understanding.

*Please note, a more detailed description of our policies can be found in the 'Document Library' of your profile once created. 

CODE OF CONDUCT: The general duty of Parramatta Mission volunteers is to act honestly and with reasonable care and diligence and to behave in a way that upholds our values, integrity and good reputation.

WORK HEALTH & SAFETY: Volunteers and staff have a duty to be mindful of their own safety and the safety of others around them. Any incident, near miss or hazard identification must immediately be reported to their Supervisor. Further to this, it is important to report anything that has caused or has the potential to cause harm to a person or damage to property.

As a volunteer you must:

  • take reasonable care for your own health and safety
  • take reasonable care to ensure you don’t affect the health and safety of others
  • carry out your tasks in a safe way
  • follow the reasonable work health and safety instructions given to you by the organisation you volunteer for, and
  • co-operate with the reasonable policies and procedure

If, when you are volunteering, you or someone else is:

  • seriously injured,
  • becomes seriously ill, or
  • is exposed to a serious risk to their health and safety because a dangerous incident occurs

You need to let your supervisor know as soon as possible. 

Please ensure that when doing any heavy lifting you seek the assistance of someone else to help. Always bend from the knees and keep your back protected to ensure no injuries. If you are unable to lift something in particular, let your Supervisor know.

CONFIDENTIALITY: It is paramount that volunteers maintain appropriate confidentiality about dealings they have with the people they interact with whilst volunteering with Parramatta Mission. Volunteers should maintain the confidentiality of any information they obtain and under no circumstances should this information be placed on social media or elsewhere. This also applies to photos. We would ask that you refrain from taking photos which include any guests or recipients as a courtesy.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: It is important for volunteers to declare if they have self-interest, private affiliation or a likelihood of personal gain or loss in conjunction with their volunteer role. If you believe you have a conflict of interest, please contact the Volunteer Manager to advise the nature of a potential or realised conflict of interest.

FAIR TREATMENT & GRIEVANCE RESOLUTION: Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and be able to undertake their role without fear of harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation. If you have a concern you should contact the Volunteer Manager in the first instance and work through options. 

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Volunteer information such as name, address, contact information, emergency contact details and the program they volunteer in is stored in a database which has restricted access to authorised staff only.

POLICE CHECK: Volunteers working alongside vulnerable community members will be required to undergo a National Police Check. The purpose of the check is to verify the identity of potential volunteers and to minimise possible risk arising from engaging volunteers inappropriately. Please note ** a record on a Police Check does not automatically dismiss you from volunteering. 

WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK: Volunteers working alongside vulnerable community members will be required to complete their Working with Children Check. This is to ensure all potential volunteers have the ability to work with and alongside children or those who may be vulnerable. 

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