Sound of Music Volunteer Policies and Waver of Liability


Sound of Music Festival Ethics Policy

The Organization takes great care in understanding the volunteer role that the Board, Committees and Festival Week volunteers undertake.  We understand that each individual is contributing to a team effort to meet the goals and mandates of the Festival. We realize that each come with unique skills and talents and are able to give and dedicate in varying commitment levels. This approach of working together and communicating appropriately extends to staff, suppliers, vendors, sponsors supporters, partners and the general public.

Compassion and understanding along with a cooperative and supportive approach will achieve the best end results. We endorse operating under these conditions and believe anyone joining or associating himself or herself with the Festival will have these beliefs. It is expected of everyone to take every approach or measure to resolve an issue compassionately and cooperatively. As required, in extreme conditions the Festival will take further necessary actions as required. 

Sexual, racial, religious, and any other discrimination or harassment is not endorsed, permitted nor condoned. Anyone is free to bring any occurrence to the Executive or Executive Director, Board Director, Chair or Area Manager. This will be taken seriously and handled with utmost privacy and compassion.

Equal Opportunity: We endeavour to encourage involvement from all and we are fair/equal opportunity employers/volunteer recruiters. We will find the best-suited position to highlight the person’s talent, warmth and charm. We do realize that there are several key functions in the organization that require a skill and knowledge level for the safe, effective and professional operation of the Festival.

SOM Festival Operation Policies

Age Limitation:  Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  Volunteers 8 – 13 may be onsite volunteering if they are accompanied by and under the direct supervision of an adult; approval must be obtained from the Volunteer and/or Area Chair.  All Volunteers under 18 must have signed consent of parent or guardian.

Communication: No Volunteer or staff member, no matter their position, shall engage in unauthorized Festival commentary via traditional or social media.  This includes criticizing or commenting on any Festival Board, Committee, Volunteer or Staff Member, or any Festival activity.  This will not be condoned and appropriate action will be taken.  Concerns should be brought to the attention of the President, Vice President or the Executive Director. 

Simply Green: At ALL events throughout the year, it is a mandate to ensure that the Festival takes the best possible approach to protecting the environment. Wherever possible the Festival will lead in education and by example for the community, region and in the festival industry with respect to Green initiatives.

Safety and Security: The Festival endeavours to make any activity as safe and secure for all (volunteers, staff, suppliers, vendors, sponsors supporters, partners and the general public). We plan and activate the best risk plan possible and always strive to improve based on the Festival activities and the world around us.  Any concerns are to be brought to the attention of the Executive or Executive Director, Board Director, Chair or Area Manager.

Backstage Access:  There will be NO backstage admission without proper passes and/or expressed permission for special onetime entrance.


  • ALL are to report to the Stage managers. Managers retain the right to ask you to leave at any time
  • NO artists are to be approached for pictures or autographs unless approved by Stage management
  • ALL Security personnel are to enforce entrance rules and not allow access without official current passes and are to ensure entrants report to Stage manager upon arrival
  • ANY abuse of these rights granted to you will result in you having to leave the area and potentially not be allowed back

Volunteer Conduct:  The Volunteer Committee members reserve the right to revoke a volunteer’s privilege or decline an individual from registering in future years if any of the following behaviour is observed during their shift:

  • If you check in and do not report to your area for your scheduled shift
  • Theft
  • Clearly under the effects of drugs or alcohol
  • Unnecessary use of your cell phone
  • Wilful destruction or harm to any part of the Festival
  • Any alteration to the Festival T-shirt without expressed permission will not be tolerated

Festival T-shirts are the property of the Festival during the Festival and may be removed when any policies are not followed, at any time.

Sound of Music Festival Accessibility Policy

It is mandatory in the province of Ontario that ALL volunteers receive Accessible Customer Service Training. You may have received this training through your place of employment or through another organization.  It is only necessary for you to do this training once and it is transferrable to all other organizations.  If you have not completed any training you MUST read our "Accessible Customer Service Training Guide" available on our website at Accessible Training Guide.

Waiver of Liability

In consideration for receiving permission to participate in volunteer activities with Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival Inc. (hereinafter referred to SOMF), I hereby release and discharge forever SOMF, its directors, officers, agents, servants, and employees (herein referred to as “Releasees”), and waive my right to sue and covenant not to sue the Releasees, in respect of any loss, damage, or injury, I or my property may suffer or my death, regardless of whether any of the foregoing is caused by the act, omission, negligence, or default of the Releasees or otherwise, in any connected with, related to, or arising as a result of, my participation in such volunteer activities.

As a volunteer, I understand the following:

  • I am not an employee of SOMF;
  • I will not receive any benefit or payment;
  • I should have in place my own insurance coverage for the volunteer activity;
  • While volunteering, I may be injured or die and my property may be destroyed, lost, or stolen and by signing below I voluntarily assume such risks;
  • I am not covered by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act;
  • This waiver binds my heirs, executors, administrators, trustees, and assignees.

By submitting this application I acknowledge having read, received, and understood the above policies and waver of liability.

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