Metro Animal Care & Control Volunteer Policies and Agreements

Metro Animal Care & Control (MACC) Volunteer Information

Before becoming a Volunteer at MACC, you will need to read through the information below and agree to follow the Volunteer Code of Conduct as well as the Volunteer Culture Agreement.

By signing this agreement, I agree to the following Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control Volunteer Code of Conduct: I understand that the goal of the volunteer program at MACC is to engage and educate the public on the mission & philosophy of MACC, to support shelter activities, and to provide supplemental care and enrichment for the lives of shelter animals and that my actions and attitudes should always further these goals. I understand that I can and should always seek guidance if I am ever unclear about the mission, philosophy or practices of MACC.

I agree to conduct myself in an appropriate and professional manner while volunteering for MACC, following & publicly supporting MACCs program, policies and practices. In my capacity as a volunteer, I agree to consistently conduct myself in a manner consistent with humane treatment of MACC animals and professional interaction with MACC employees, patrons, other volunteers, and members of the public.

I understand that MACC welcomes & relies upon volunteer feedback. If I am ever in disagreement with any philosophy, policy or practice of MACC, I agree to use the appropriate, established communication channels to share my concerns or feedback.

The channels are, in order:
1. Communicate first with the Volunteer Coordinator.
2. If I feel my concern was not addressed at this level, I will then communicate it directly to the Director.

I understand that I am responsible for reviewing all the materials given to me at orientations and trainings, including the New Volunteer Manual. If I have any questions or do not understand anything in the materials, I agree to ask the Volunteer Coordinator.

I know that as a MACC volunteer, I represent MACC and I promise not to engage in any activity or communication that may cause harm to the reputation of MACC. I agree to be a role model for the humane treatment of animals, at home and in all places as well as while working with the shelter animals.

I agree to accept supervision, direction and support from the MACC staff and understand that they will provide me with feedback to help me perform my volunteer duties most effectively and safely, and in the best interest of the animals I am volunteering for. I understand that failing to observe the above agreements could result in my dismissal from the volunteer program, and that I can be removed at any time at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator or Director.

Volunteer Culture Agreement

Create and Maintain a Safe Place for All:

  • I will take responsibility for keeping myself, volunteers, visitors, and animals safe.
  • I will be part of creating and maintaining a culture of safety at al times
  • I will know my own limitations and seek help when needed.
  • I will bring safety concerns to the attention of my supervisor or appropriate MACC staff.
  • I will make customer service a priority and strive to constantly improve the customer experience, both internally and externally.
  • I will be thorough, careful, and precise in all tasks.
  • I will think and act constructively and look for solutions to make things better for animals and people.
  • I will support a Collaborative Animal Shelter: Practice “we” thinking. We achieve goals together or not at all.
  • I will understand that whether as an individual or groups, we all share the same goals and play different, valuable roles in achieving them.
  • I will demonstrate a commitment to healthy communication.
  • I will respond to emails, phone calls and in-person requests in a timely manner.
  • I will be part of solutions and take a stand to stop gossip, grudges, cliques, conflicts, and negativity. 
  • I will take time to listen and understand before responding.

Be Respectful:

  • I will respect different opinions and workstyles.
  • I will respect decisions made and directives given.
  • I will show compassion for and have patience with all!
  • I will know to expect differences and know differences are not wrong.
  • I will know how to handle conflict with individuals or teams constructively.
  • I will take responsibility for myself and be accountable for my own actions.
  • I will ask questions or voice concerns, communicate upward, rather than complaining to or gossiping with others.
  • I will follow instructions carefully and meet deadlines when assigned.
  • I will ask for help and training if I don’t understand something.
  • I acknowledge the emotional aspect of our volunteering at the shelter.
  • I will remember to have a sense of humor, but never at the expense of others or professionalism.
  • I will identify healthy ways to reduce and relieve stress.
  • I will take care of myself, paying attention to my volunteer/life balance.
  • I will find appropriate ways to express strong emotions as they arise.
  • I will respect the emotions of others - they may be different than yours.

Show Appreciation:

  • I will remember why I have chosen to volunteer in animal welfare.
  • I will practice appreciation at all levels and every day.
  • I will acknowledge people when they do good things. Shout-outs can happen at any time!
  • I will thank others when they make my day better and brighter.
  • I will be safe and compassionate when handling animals.
  • I will treat all animals in your care with patience, kindness, and compassion.
  • I will pursue and take advantage of training opportunities offered at the shelter to become a better animal handler.
  • I will recognize each animal is an individual and should be treated as such. I will avoid stereotypes and generalizations about breed, type, etc.
  • I will model safe and humane handling to other volunteers and the public.

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