Volunteer Handbook and Release & Waiver of Liability

By checking the box, I acknowledge all of the rules and regulations of the Town Cats Volunteer Manual, and promise to follow them during my volunteer time at Town Cats. Any violation of these rules results in a strike, other penalty, or immediate termination. I acknowledge that the Volunteer Coordinator has the right to terminate my volunteer work at any time.

I will be honest and truthful about any volunteer hours I claim during my spare time away from the shelter or store locations. I will contact the Volunteer Coordinator for any hours that need to be signed off on.

I will sign in to the Volunteer Logs each shift, and understand that failing to do so results in a strike. I will leave a small paragraph description of my the duties I performed during my shift, any supplies that need to be replaced, anything about a cat's behavior that needs to be brought to attention, etc. I will contact Nineveh or Cam if Volunteer Logs run out.

I recognize the Volunteer Coordinator is my main contact unless otherwise stated and will be responsible for knowing how to get ahold of them within my time constraints.

I will give at the very least 2 hours notice before cancelling a volunteer shift. I will send out an email through my corresponding store's chain and ask for a cover as soon as I know I need one (the sooner you know, the sooner it'll get covered). I acknowledge that multiple covers and missed shifts results in a strike or termination.

Read: Volunteer Handbook


In addition to the aforementioned policy, checking the box also:

I assume the risks of being bitten, scratched, injured, or frightened by cats or kittens in connection with Town Cats of Morgan Hill. Town Cats is not liable to me for any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses, judgements, cost or expenses whatsoever, which I might suffer or sustain in connection with the activities of Town Cats. I will indemnify, defend and hold Town Cats harmless from and against any claims, lawsuits, injuries, damages, losses, costs or expenses whatsoever, sustained by any companion animal or any person in connections with Town Cats.

I will abide by the rules, regulations, policies and programs of Town Cats while at the facility, and I understand it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies contained in the volunteer manual.

By checking the box, I have read and voluntarily sign this release and waiver of liability agreement, and further agree to no oral representation, statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement that has been made. In addition, I agree that I am the person named below and am the person agreeing to these terms.

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