By registering as a Volunteer Official for Supercars Australia (Supercars) and/or applying to work at any of our Supercars promoted events you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: Failure to comply with any of these Terms & Conditions may result in the termination of your registration and/or further disciplinary action from Supercars and/or Motorsport Australia as appropriate.

I, as per the details contained in this application form, hereby offer my services assisting Supercars as a Volunteer Event or Race Official.
I volunteer my services and confirm that I am available for the three/four days of the Event and agree that if accepted for a role I will:

1. Work for Supercars in a volunteer capacity without payment or incentive;
2. Be responsible for my own personal health and safety during the Event/s;
3. Abide by Supercars Social Media and Bullying/Harassment Policies;
4. Abide by Supercars Workplace Health & Safety Commitment Statement;
5. Ensure that the appropriate license or qualifications are held to undertake the role applied for;
6. Understand that Supercars may accept or reject any volunteer application/s at their discretion;
7. Agree to participate in and fully complete, to the satisfaction of Supercars and/or Motorsport Australia, all training programs conducted by Supercars and/or Motorsport Australia and associated with my involvement with the Event;
8. Hereby consent to the collection of my personal information by Supercars in connection with my involvement at the Event and acknowledge and agree that information, including personal details held by Supercars may be distributed to agencies and other Senior Officials associated with the Organisation of the Event;
9. Declare that I am medically and physically fit and am able to carry out normal duties expected of the position for which I hereby apply for at the Event;
10. Understand that the minimum age to volunteer is 16 years of age;
11. Declare that I am familiar with the requirements and activities of a Volunteer Event or Race Official;
12. Collect my own Accreditation during the specified times as advised by Supercars prior to the Event/s;
13. Collect and wear accreditation and uniform in accordance with the information provided by  Supercars;
14. Attend all volunteer shifts as allocated by Supercars, for the hours as advised;
15. If I am unavailable due to illness, injury or extreme circumstances, I will advise Supercars as soon as possible. This must be done via email and an email response will be provided, failure to receive an email response will assume no advice has been received; 
16. Understand that failure to show for volunteer shifts may result in an invoice for $400 to cover the costs of the goods collected and not being accepted for future events;
17. Undertake tasks and duties as outlined, and follow the directions of Event/s supervisor;
18. Will not bring valuable items to the Events and will take personal responsibility for any personal property brought to the Event/s;
19. Treat fellow volunteers, staff and patrons with respect;
20. Agree that failure to abide by these Terms & Conditions may result in exclusion from an Event, whether that be prior to the first day of the Event or on a particular day (and for the remainder) of an Event, and may include future Events;
21. Understand that past acceptance does not guarantee a position at future events;
22. Understand that Supercars have the right to exclude any volunteer from all Event/s at their discretion if deemed appropriate;
23. Understand that imagery of volunteers at the Event/s may be recorded and reproduced by Supercars in various commercial formats including the Supercars’ Volunteers Facebook page.
24. Understand that all volunteers must abide by the Terms & Conditions as displayed at the entrance to the Event/s.
25. Understand that I must abide by Motorsport Australia’s ‘Return To Race’ document; and
26. Agree to abide by any direction provided by Supercars with respect to the management of Covid-19 at the Event.

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